Za’Darius & Preston Smith want to repay Matt LaFleur w/ wins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Imda Mann Reply

Win out or stay home !!

UnknownLegendary Reply

Go pack go

yuwm canadian Reply


Amolak Bhullar Reply

When i see the saints, seahawks and 49ers i feel like one and done in playoffs🤷‍♂️ vikings are no joke either😐

    Freddy Cuba Reply

    We looked strong the first quarter and after that we went flat !

    Cloud Strife Reply

    The Saints got destroyed by the Falcons and the Niners almost lost to the Cardinals.

    Stop overestimating everyone else

    Cloud Strife Reply

    @Jonah Hex The Saints got destroyed by the Falcons and the Niners almost lost to the Cardinals.

    Stop overestimating everyone else

    SCRAMBY18 Reply

    Yes its a dog fight at this point, but you cant count any team out in the NFL…… especially your own team lol

777d7777 777d7777 Reply

Love both studs
Preston made the skins regret letting him go and hopefully zadarius does the same to the ravens in the SB
Go Pack Go!!!!

    mega cx Reply

    we gotta run the table in the playoffs. I have a feeling we’ll have a better chance next season. but hopefully im wrong…

    Manny Jackson Reply

    Super bowl ahah

Richard H Cain Reply

They not ready go pack go,10-3

SullivanRacingVideos Reply

Love P’s response 😂

MaximusRex Reply

To think that the Ravens would be even BETTER if they have a top edge rusher like Za’Darius still…😱

Jr nu mex Reply

looking ahead, after the 2 got blown out bombs san d san f, maybe the carbon is out of the engine for later december -jan.

onone since81 Reply

I love the spirit of the brothers from another mother !! Packer nation is glad these fellaz our here.. This season has been a success thus far I must say… I feel like for the pack to win the north and be strong in playoffs !!! We have to play faster at times !!!! Against the dynamic defenses especially !! I challenge Matt to also work on a few new plays to add in!!! I think 49ers and the saint had some awesome change up plays that were huge… That halfback toss and the rb option toss was sick and they both worked !!! Anyway excited for the rest of the season let’s go pack !!!

mindless monk Reply

Preston is funny

Stephanoe Wilks Reply

P’s Response About Dewayne Haskins Was Priceless

Username Unknown Reply

Packers are King of The North 💪🏽

maria martinez Reply


J 11 Reply

Greenbay defense looks unbeatable!

Dylan .M Reply

Got a bad feeling. We half to beat the bears.

Jamie Linn Reply

Gpg !

Simeon Givens Reply

Preston says it best @ 2:22 these are professional NFL players throw all the the records out!

Dusty Davis Reply

Zadarius has a bigger issue with his knee then what anyone is saying. There has been a few times this year you can tell there is a bigger issue

James Foster Reply

“Great answer” haha

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