Postgame speech: Matt LaFleur congratulates Packers after win over Redskins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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GooGangDevin Reply

Rodgers needs another Weapon.

    Hector Rodriguez Reply

    Like Odell Beckham Jr.

    Dj Diddles Reply

    @Hector Rodriguez exactly, obj

    Baby Yoda Reply

    @Hector Rodriguez yesssss he wants to leave Cleveland too….so why NOT….

    cooltomahguy Reply

    Rodgers just needs to play within the system and go to his check downs to move the chains instead of trying to always force it deep he doesn’t need to play hero ball in this system.

    Tyron Wells Reply

    @cooltomahguy he did

Sleek Mosler Reply

First and we going all the way

Kiasia Johnson Reply

Love you guys 💚💛

3lement2010 Reply

Was not expecting the game to be this close, but a W is a W.

John Nappa Reply

Reeaaaaaally hope we start getting our act together and get back to being the star offense that we should be.

777d7777 777d7777 Reply

D _Train
10 3 baby
Go Pack Go!!!!

Hector Rodriguez Reply

Green Bay should have got Odell Beckham Jr. so he can help Aaron Rodgers scored more points and a extra weapon

circumchristian Reply


metalman5 Reply

Idk why everyone was surprised with how close it was, Packers always had problems beating Redskins especially as of late

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