Matt LaFleur sets the team’s sights on the NFC North after topping Washington – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
CRS Donchaknow

Rookie Coaching matters!

Chriis Dangelo

It seems every week the coach or the players say we to clean up things. There is 3 games left , you would think you should have cleaned up a lot by now.

    abe Lincoln

    Sometimes fans have no understanding of how long rebuilds take years sometimes baseball is worse they dont just bring in a coach and suddenly all is fixed, it’s not that simple.

    Greg B

    abe Lincoln true that he’s a rookie coach and he is building his team. You need to realize that we have the best qb in the league. The offense shouldn’t be this bad.

    abe Lincoln

    @Greg B by best offense do you mean Adams who is usually double covered or do you mean jimmy because he drops the ball he cost is the game against philly everyone else fails to get open but i also blame rodgers he has the ball for a long time and fails to convert. im still not sure why we are blaming a rookie head coach for that. If you wanna blam anyone its rodgers he got such a huge contract that we cant afford great receivers he is honestly the reason we lost jordy.

SM Smoof

Focusing too much on DaVante in the passing game. Need way more short crossing patterns by WRs, preferable by Davante to clear 1 maybe 2 defenders out of areas to opposite of field when D in man2man.


These past two weeks have been teams we should’ve beat by 14+ points. We are not geling like we should. This gives me concern for playoffs. Seems like our record says we’re better th as n what we really are. There have been times where we looked awesome, but we haven’t looked that way a whole game…. just my 2

    T Taylor

    TakeAHike We beat the Giants by 18 though?

Jose Guzman

We got this had a bad day converting touchdowns but I’m confident in our team the redskins are playing really well defensively


Stick to the game plan. Using the safety’s was working in Q1 and he stayed away.

Cedric Woodberry

Our run defense needs to gt better before the start of the playoff!!!!!!!

DeShawn Tisdale

Run the ball more!!

Jonah Hex

Pack looks like they need a nap after the first quarter. Man, these boys need to wtfu.


Its his first year guys and hes got us at 10-3 with victories over North Opponents and teams with winning records. Sure a few bad games vs Chargers and 9ers but its Any Given Sunday. Don’t matter how it looks. Don’t matter if we win by 1 or by 50. A W is a W.

    Greg B

    johnstjohn1987 yep but not going anywhere in the playoffs.

    Cheese Snow

    ANY GIVEN SUNDAY BROTHER!!!! 10-3! And I couldn’t be happier


Rashan Gary at 1 instead of a WR? FAIL!

    Fernando Silva

    You ready to say bust after not even a full season and he’s limited in his role? Lol. Glad you not the GM

Josh Hedeman

Your receivers need to get open period.

J 11

Easy W next week

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The new punt returner hopefully pans out well for us we desperately need special team improvement
Go Pack Go!!!!

Greg B

Congratulations on your 10-3 record. I am happy for the wins……. BUT, Our offense has no cohesiveness and we are going nowhere in the playoffs.

Greg Luedtke

What happened to Raven Greene?


Man this season is weird this is the only time I can remember when the wins feel like losses. I’m glad we are 10 and 3 but man we are super sloppy this year

David John Jr Lindstedt

Coach of the year!!


Will they beat the bears though? bear fans are talking tough about this game and being real cocky


Mike McCarthy found the way to lose these games I give Matt LaFleur props

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