Aaron Rodgers isn’t concerned w/ offense’s performance recently – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
William Delgado

Go pack go!

Jace Wilson

Win out 2nd seed let’s go pack


    Dogan Gregory Seattle doesn’t have to win out, we control our own destiny


    Dogan Gregory um Seattle has 2 losses and we have 3, if they win out they get the one seed


    21BrockBaldridge12 we’re talking about the 2 seed big man

    Jace Wilson

    Either way go pack

Toby And Max Educational videos

I just checked were second seed

    Jacob Krueger

    Yes because saints lost

    thebull Devoe

    Yea for now

    Jacob Krueger

    @thebull Devoe we will stay that way unless we lose one of our last 3 games.

Kiasia Johnson


    thebull Devoe

    Washed up goat

Aman Rohatgi

I always love how he mentions a statistic and then looks to the side says, “tom”. Tom is MVP of these conferences

ZachSmacked22 Prodigy Takeover

I liked the amount Aaron Jones got the ball we just got to get our passing game going.

    packers fan

    We’ve been trying to get that going for 13 weeks

    kurtis bardin

    @packers fan more like 3 years

David Boyce

As a Packers fan, this press conference is why I like Aaron Rodgers. He is always Down to earth and I am glad that he defended Jamaal Williams. He defends every player on the team. Also, I love that he said that he is happy to be 10 and 3. As a Packers fan I would take a 10 and 3 start every year, every football fan would. I feel that we have the best Quarterback in the league.

    Angie Zamora


Daniel Cha

if Rodgers is smiling in his post game interviews, thats all that matters

    Jon Marsh

    no, a superbowl win is all that matters

The Bud Man

Lead us back home. Take the lombardi back home Rodgers. Show all the haters wrong. I believe in you 100 percent and theres noone else id rather have slinging the football. Its our time ! Go pack go!

    Myles Newman

    The Bud Man preach

i forgot my name

It is fact winning is winning in the playoffs it doesn’t matter how much you win by you still can go to the superbowl


Plenty of open receivers today…It wasn’t Arods best day. Go Pack!

i gumby


Melissa Cassell

Aaron is such a gracious and caring person

Depression and self-harm: the truth

Winning is important, yes, but you’ve got to destroy a team like the Skins!


    Why? There are no style points in the NFL. A win by 1 point counts the same as a win by 30 points.

    Depression and self-harm: the truth

    When you look at common opponents, the way that other teams have beaten the same ones that we’ve barely gotten by, I think we can measure ourselves against that.


    @Depression and self-harm: the truth That is not always a reliable indicator. Some teams just match up better with another team. Plus there are rivalry games like this week’s Packers-Bears game where anything can happen.

Ferdi Kellerman

“im not jason” felt iritated and mad at jason for aaron the way he said it

Blk Pig

Nuff’ said…

RK Belmont

If this team has to visit Santa Clara again in the playoffs, forget about it

Dustin Bellow

You need to fix those redzone conversions

David Graves

Everything will Hit right on time!

Paras Singh Chandi

Just do what you were doing earlier, give the ball to Aaron Jones!!

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