Aaron Jones recaps huge game w/ 192 total yds in Week 14 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
ravel smith

Aaron jones is a straight beast! Go pack go 🧀💪💯

Imda Mann

Like this man and attitude to bad the rest of the team isn’t on the same level .

Richard H Cain

A real 1-2 punch 👊😤👊😤go pack go,

John Wayne Everett

I was so impressed i bought his autographed photo last year ….Arron always praying no injury’s.. thank you you are humble ….that is a great thing to have…Coach John.


Aaron jones is the magic maker he makes every play count.

Zavion Edwards


fuechi Xiong

Aarron jones is the mvp of the packers.

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

These guys constantly asking to get Jamaal less reps are disrespectful idiots
I mean the reporters

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