Matt LaFleur says there is more out there after win over Redskins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Imda Mann

Well ?? were waiting !!!

    Joshua Gilbert

    Imda Mann for what

    Imda Mann

    @Joshua Gilbert read the title

    Joshua Gilbert

    Imda Mann ok

Daniel Nazaryan

cut jimmy graham man🤦🏾‍♂️

    FM L

    This was the best game i think he had as a Packer, and I’m still wondering why they pay him $10 mill a year.

    Old School

    FM L bc of who he was

777d7777 777d7777

Hope ervin pans out cause we desperately need a return man that can at least not get negative yardage for a change

CRS Donchaknow

Dear NFL, dump Nike! Tired of seeing Chinese Symbolism on every NFL Jersey!


Week 14 and theyre playing like its the preseason….no killer instinc no sense of urgency no imagination on O no ability to stop the run…the middle of the defense is still wide open…this team had to hang on to a 3-9 team…0 chance in the playoffs regardless who they play…

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