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Yeah we can all agree we keeping newton lmao

BTGD Family

give the rookie a chance pls

    Reverse Sonic

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    big dick bandit

    They are. Will is starting next game

    Playa from the Himalayas

    I understand wanting to see what we got in him, but this could make or break him as a trade piece. #1 we don’t need to win any games this season, it’s pointless and hurts our draft position #2 Grier plays like cheeks and his trade worth is down the toilet.

    andrew barone

    @Playa from the Himalayas did he even have much trade worth? Slightly older than Kyle Allen, less league experience, meh preseason, and couldn’t supplant Kyle Allen as the QB2. Plus more QBs will be taken in next year’s draft.

Ariella Boozer

Will Grier please. Kyle Allen to the bench.

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    Grier is starting next Sunday


We don’t need to hear touchdown touchdown punt punt punt interception because we already know that we were watching it. We want to hear what you’re gonna do to fix it. That’s not what we heard. It’s just an experience and this position and I’ll be glad when we get someone in there that knows what they’re doing as a head coach. It will do a fine job getting us to the end of the season. Then he can go back to his other job


    I thought the same thing!!! We don’t need a play by play of the outcomes of each possession. How is that helpful? Anybody that watched the game can do that! Please tell us how, as the HEAD COACH, you’re going to make changes that will improve the team’s chances for success. The only thing we know for certain that you can do right now, is read the transcript of the game.

BV Lee

What a train wreck of a season.

    Q VELI-X


    Mr T

    More like a toy train wreck we always coming up just short. . That’s for the past couple years..

    BV Lee

    Tepper will do more for this franchise than Richardson ever did. Watch…

Spark Guild

Cam Newton!!!


As a die hard panther fan….when the game came on I went to the flea market



    Samuel Parker

    I put a movie on


    Q VELI-X I took a nap

    Q VELI-X

    @Kongo judging by the way this dude started off this conference sound like you did the right thing….smh. I’m hurt!


This is a bad move is he plays bad…..No trade chips for Kyle or Will🤦🏿‍♂️

    ICEY P

    @Playa from the Himalayas right….people better pray he does well or we’ll be drafting a Qb either this year again or next year!

Kalen Bentley

This is Monday’s press conference. 🤔🤔

Tim S

Wait a minute, This sounds like yesterday’s interview. Will Grier is NOT ready. He will compete for the starting QB in the fall!

GeekdOut PUBG Mobile

Can we get the old Ron and a healthy Cam please?

Odins Sun

I just can’t watch my beloved Panthers play anymore. My Sunday’s are important to me and this football team is a big part of that. But honestly it ruins my day. I can’t keep spending my whole Sunday from 1 o clock on in a shitty mood. As much as I hate being that guy I just can’t do it anymore.

Dillon Brown

Is it Kyle or the OLine 😏

    Kyle Phelps



    its kyle

    Y banana spider Shallow flipper

    Both suck.

Wesley Storlie

Ik he’s the interim HC but this dude has no clue about how to be a head coach 😂


I give less than two blueberries who start..just come back next season with a better record than you went out with??? How bout those berries!!!

Nadine Dixon

Sad sad sad 😢😢 😢😢 but its Ron Rivera fault….what a joke … I said Tepper was shisty…..

Deontae Carrothers

Will Grier is good our future

Finley Jeanbatiste

The source confirms that grier will start against the colts

Mr T

Yea right when we are down we end fast but it’s to late…..

Y banana spider Shallow flipper

It’s good to know that Fewell and Allen won’t be in these positions next year. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Bright side guys

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