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Make the L.A. Rams Great Again!
Sean McVay 2k20

    Krestoffer Lang

    sogdo if hes able

Bob Builder

Can we still make it to the playoffs

    God Garou

    Bob Builder we can but we won’t.

Booker Haynes

the rams are soft we need to get tougher we are too finesse, run Gurley play defense goof is not the answer

Booker Haynes



So what are you going to do different to beat the 49ners this go around??????/

    Dennis Kirk

    Throw Jimmy G into the trash can where he belongs!👿


    Ya, if they can sack Wilson all day long, you would think they could get to a minimal mobility type QB in Garappolo….

    RK Belmont

    @PacShore 49ers OL is better than the Seahawks and Garoppolo has a very quick release, they also run the football all day just as the Cowboys

Brain Koski

I’ve been a long rams fan but man I just don’t understand why we are playing so 💩 for 🤔

Michelle Ezeugo


Richie Ram

Five east coast trips (London), tons of injuries and Gurley limited. GO Rams 2020!!!!!!

    RK Belmont

    The rest of the division is dealing with the same, but 2 of them are going to the playoffs

Dennis Kirk

We’ll be welcoming the Pats, Cowboys, and Bears to SoFi next year! 😤🤘Whose House?

LaRamsLunatic !!!!

We don’t need to draft anything besides good linemen…. and big whits time is up he’s been getting killed all year

    RK Belmont

    Without first round picks it’s difficult to find good linemen

LaRamsLunatic !!!!

I really hope Jared ups his game next season because this year is unacceptable 17 tds 15 ints smh

Yumi Tokushige

Rams are growing! , not aging or shrinking like me

Lafonso Presley

He got away from the run game to early i knew we was gonna lose.

N. N.

Goff needs to hit the weight room, become fearless. Rams need coverage.

Joe Rodriguez

I honestly think the Rams are going to just finish up the season for a massive come back next season! Wade, Sean and Kevin now need to go back to the drawing board. We definitely need an Offensive Coordinator, a solid and good QB coach! A few key Defense Players and a beef up on the Offensive Line. Rams fans had very high expectations after the SB like the Saints have come back and execute. But we will see 2020 in a New Home and New Uniforms with a New Attitude! Go Rams!

    Sojo R

    Gentrified rams 😖

Sojo R

“We’re getting better every week?”

Daniel Coronado

We need a new OC and DC for next year. This year is not our year.

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