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Frank Gore | Beyond Blue and Red

In his 15th NFL season and first in Buffalo, Frank Gore sat down with Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas to discuss what it takes to have sustained success, passing Barry Sanders to become the NFL’s third all-time leading rusher, and Gore’s mentorship of Bills rookie Devin Singletary.

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We’re definitely not ‘Joshing’ you, to be quite Frank….

Buffalo truly does love that you’re here Mr. Gore, you give us a chance to make it again baby!!!

Eliana Disanto

The MAN is A BEAST!! 🔥 🐃. LETS Gooooo BUFFALO

Michael Johnson

I got into American Football three years ago when I first visited Buffalo. I remember seeing Gore for Miami and he became one of my favourite players so to see him become a Bill was brilliant. Actually got to watch him play twice when coming back to Buffalo this year and saw him get to third place in all time rushing. The man is a hero.

Chris Spencer

i really hope we keep him here as long as Frank wants to be red and blue. His leadership and testament of Character is more valuable then most know. he sets the bar for our guys. how can you not want to follow him when he is a proven Legend! LetsGoBuffallo!!!


That facility looks clean

Henry Dimatteo

I appreciate you too Frank. Thanks for the incredible career you have going,and thanks for coming to buffalo.

Jay Mafia

The mafia loves you frank

Tony Dobbs

You’re looking at two Hall of Fame RB’s right there. I’m so glad I got to witness both of them play.
The Bill’s are extremely lucky to have Frank Gore playing for them as well as being the best mentor for the young Singletary .

Andy Mandura

Great video. Go Bills!

Master David

Let’s beat the Patriots this week. #billsmafia

Terry Tates

Best underdog story in history

Jose Ponce

That’s buffalo bills football that hard work attitude I loved it

Scott Blakely

Frank Gore is a man of all ages! What a gift the Buffalo Bills received! Let him play here as long as he wants and then hire him as RB coach when he decides to hang up the GOLD cleats! You never can have too much character in a locker room!

Chewy Bacca

Frank the Tank!


Love to see it keep putting that good work in Frank! Go Bills!

Anthony Green

Can we make Gore a player coach of the Running backs ?


Two all-timers talking shop. It’s beautiful.

Ricky Boniconti

Dam man def a great interview…. Thurman n Frank chilling chopping it up…. Gore has been one of my favorites since he entered the LG…. I’m blessed he is red n blue…. I hope he retires red n blue…. He Carry’s this team with his leadership role… N everybody looks up to him.. I can guarantee that……. Much love…#goredabeast


This dude is so underrated it’s not even funny. He quietly got into the 15000 club, without all the accolades.🍻🍻 to that!


Big game for 20 this weekend. Calling it right now.

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