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Leslie Frazier | “Excited For Our Players”

Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier addresses the media following the team's win over the Steelers. Topics include: the adoration the team has received from Bills fans this season, the continued growth of Cornerback Tre'Davious White, and how to live up to the high standards the defense has set for themselves.

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Please don’t ever leave Buffalo

    Noah Deleon


A Simple Life

Go Bills!

Buffalo Fan716

Just imagine if Harrison Phillips wasn’t injured and Kyle Williams stayed like another year or 2. Our defense would be insane! #GoBills #VivaLosBills

Scott Blakely

Man I hope this man is not going to take a head coaching job! Agree@trix

    Blood of Yahawashi

    Scott Blakely he’s gone

    Chris Spencer

    I think he will be here again next year. lets not forget he already has had a head coaching spot in a much talented Minnesota and lasted 2 years only so that says some things. i love having Frazier here and he is a brilliant DC. I am not saying that he couldn’t be a successful HC but I think our players buying into the schemes he call and identity he wants is what is also contributing to his success. it seems he loves it here and lets just hope they stay together and McD can build us a McDynasty.  #BillsEra #BillsMafia! #LetsGoBUFFALLO!!!

Tony Dobbs

NFL Defensive Coordinator of the year!! Imho.
What a fantastic job he’s doing with extremely talented players .
I hope he stays in Buffalo as well. I hope the Bills organization pays these coaches what they’re worth and persuades them to stick together for the future…

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