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Whitney Mercilus Gets Gifted INT & Returns It 86 Yds!

Whitney Mercilus is in the right place at the right time as he grabs the interception and runs it back 86 yards. The Houston Texans take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Solo Dolo


Bacon Investigates

Santa: what do you wan for Christmas?
Whitney murclius:An 86 yard INT return

Optimum Security

Greatest hit of all time

    Drone Imagination

    calm down buddy

    Snake Guy

    Dumbest comment of all time ….

    Legend__ 21

    Biggest L of all time

Matthew Shortle

Wasn’t Tannehill’s fault.

    TitanUp 445

    Overrated Tannehill

    Nick Kinsey

    Nothing’s ever the quarterbacks fault even tho he has more control than anybody lol

David R


    Robert Gunner

    Oilers were a way better franchise.

David R



AMOSC: kidkevo_500tm

Trexi T.V

Just in time for the holidays

Pete Steel

🔥🐂 Whitney Mercilus “Merciless”🐂🔥


This guy is running like universal soldier

    Ryan I.


Jordan Benders

Imma be mad if we don’t get a “100 Greatest Plays of the Decade” video…

Obinna Nwakwue

And Reid made the tackle that caused the whole charade, how awesome!

The Alex Archives

He would’ve scored if he didn’t jog

    two toenail

    Jog? He was moving pretty fast for a big man


    These big guys can’t run long

GhostMan 3000

We gotta play some really tough defense and get the running game going somehow.


Romeo Crennel deserves another shot as a head coach.

757 Virginia Two Up & Two Down

Come on #Titans we need this

    Ryan I.

    Ok zoomer

ShazamxGun 1

That was right in the receivers hand that would have been a td.

Jeffrey Vences

*Mercilus is merciless!*

GhostMan 3000

Defense is giving up too many yards!

Mean Bean Productions

Damn! His daddy named him right! “Merciless!”

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