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Packers are the worst 10 – 3 team in the league, possibly ever!

    You Know?

    Maybe the worst team ever!

    HugeYoutube Tryhard

    Yeah but we got to keep the hope

    Chase Chandeysson

    They are definitely an underwhelming 10-3 team but not by any means a terrible team. They have hard fought each one of their wins, but I feel like they aren’t consistent each week.

    Casey D.

    Ya right. Your record is WHO you are. A GREAT team with a few things to fix before playoffs


    Give me a break. I don’t know what you expect with a new head coach who just filled big shoes..

Kyle Duffield

Go Pack Go!

Kenneth Spence

Getting down to crunch time. Let’s Go Pack!!!!!!!

Dee P

BearDown go bears

    Dash cuber


    true grit

    Wishful thinking ,, were at home ,, worry more about the vikes ,,but always play 1 at a time .


Come on guys get outside

true grit

Bears win and loss ya have to see who they play to Annalise.

    Opie Smith


true grit

Mike ,, did u hurt your neck ? Kind of stiff ?

James Krautkramer


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