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Fitzmagic Is on Fire in New York!

Ryan Fitzpatrick completes 7 passes in a row, capping the drive with a 20-yard touchdown to DeVante Parker. The Miami Dolphins take on the New York Giants during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Big Blue Squad

Go MIA! Tank 4 Young!

    Zylis Demi God

    Young is staying in school! LOL feels bad to be you rn

    Judith S. Pratt

    Heโ€™s joking, ya punk

The Doctors Office

Wilson started the GAY

    Yvng Juan 214

    The Doctors Office Brooo

AKHLIS ISTIQLAL 2014 ๐Ÿฆ…๐Ÿฆ…๐Ÿฆ… ๐Ÿˆ

bruce lau

Seriously the giants are really gonna lose to the Dolphins on Eliโ€™s final home game as a giant ?

    Escocivo 30

    The Dolphins won 3 out their last 7 and the Giants are on a 9 game losing streak so it will be more of a upset if the Giants win than a the Dolphins.

HT82 Smash

Miami will be dangerous next year. Watch

    Mr Beast


    HT82 Smash

    @Mr Beast Keep laughing. I’m serious

    Lettuce Tomato

    I say it every year. But we may be this time

    Eugene Rollins

    @HT82 Smash that was a funny joke

Wayne Wayne

Parker is having a career resurgence.

Yvng Juan 214


Tatiana Velasco

0:10 Whoa whoa whoa!


The dude might not have the best team around, but Fitz having fun and enjoying the ride. Guy is just so fun to watch, he might awkwardly scramble for a TD or something ha.

Law 21

And just where was this earlier this season???

    Lettuce Tomato

    Um we were depleting our team.

Drew Goddamn Brees

The tank for Chase Young is looking really good

    Zylis Demi God

    Young is staying in school


    Drew Goddamn Brees heโ€™s not entering the draft

Matthew Shortle

Tank Bowls > Super Bowls

Zylis Demi God

sadly we cant get Chase young because he’s staying at school

    Frantz Lenin

    Nah he later said he was caught off guard by that question, that man isnโ€™t going back to school lol.

Tony Tiger

Giants loose to Miami… There just that sad of a team. Rebuilding process: extermination of coach, offensive coaching, Defense coaching, special teams coaching.
Front office: Dave gettelman GM

Lettuce Tomato

Fitzmagicccccccccccc still alive

    Eugene Rollins

    For how long thou

    Lettuce Tomato

    @Eugene Rollins I feel ya. He’s so good at times. I thought same for henne. He could dart that ball but normally henne fux up in 3rd quarter

    Paulo K

    @Eugene Rollins

    One, maybe two games. Fitzmagic turns into Fitztragic after a couple of games.


    Hahaha… yea, right. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Frantz Lenin

๐Ÿ GOAT ๐Ÿ


Fitzmagic bout to have his signature 400 yard 4 td game and then next week throw 4 picks


    TIngram Nah i donโ€™t think so

Thomas Latimer

I hate My Giants So much right now

    Vern Trexler

    Its awful to watch..cannot cover receivers..

Vern Trexler

Sadly its time for eli to retire..hope he wins this game to retire at .500

Bryan French

With a first round draft on o-line, and first round DE, Fitzpatrick could really get the job done, he’s better then what people think

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