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Seahawks and Eagles winner is going to be who can play the best on crutches.

    Nicholas Jackson

    Me being an Eagles fan, you’re not wrong


    If you combine these two teams together, you get 1 really good healthy team. I call them the Seagulls.

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    @Theodore hard pass, on that one! 😉

    Go ‘Hawks!

    Christian Taylor

    I believe in the Eagles but not so much with Seatle . Seahawks no how to score but dont know how to finish.


    You bogus for that🤣


The Tennessee Titans because they got that big boi

    Rebecca Gilliard

    #titanup 👍🏾

    Zack Hayes

    Kevin Mckay titans are afc and saints are nfc lol…. but we probably won’t beat the ravens if we match up vs them

    why dalukaton

    @Fusion Generation yea i would bet my whole bank account that the pats wont be going to the super bowl this year

    Scuba Steve 69

    Escocivo 30 no the dolphins have a history of upsetting the patriots, the patriots always have a tough time against the dolphins and giants

Henry Westerlund

The Bengals

Sports 311

I see the saints have the ability to make a run. It’s Super Bowl or Bust

Fusion Generation

AFC Championship: Ravens vs. Chiefs

NFC Championship: Saints (or Seahawks) vs. 49ers

    Ninja Warrior

    @NFL-MLB Classics https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    İyki Gugu

    @diapersFTMFW11 https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    the drowsy one

    @Marshawn’s Skittles and vikes was without cook. The smith brothers is the only good thing they have. Rodgers and Adam is overrated.

    Matty Ice 2

    @Life I know. The Ravens beat the Pats in the regular season


    @Marshawn’s Skittles seriusly the Packers aren’t a good team.

Mclovin v7

Is that the dude that got his ankles taken by Hopkins

    Nick D


    Optical v

    Oh no, not that hard knocks vid.

    S. Crago

    I fear God homie

    Can Gardner Minshew get 10,000 subscribers?

    @Scrambled Eggs why are you here

Hail-Mary J

Im sure my Vikes will break my heart once again…


    The one winning team they’ve beaten this season is Philly. Philly barely made it at 9-7. Vikings have no chance in NOLA.

    the drowsy one

    @Dooky eh stats doesnt matter that much to me. I already knew that only patriots and eagles would be easy for vikes to beat, maybe titans but all others are much more difficult plus vikes is wildcard, away from home so naturally they’re underdogs against practically everyone. That’s why I’m not bragging, just being realistic. It’s very complex for me to even imagine how individual players match up against each other, how motivated and how much stamina a given individual is at any matchup, how well the teams know each other. 🤯😓

    the drowsy one

    @Mark Gil after all as I remembered it was a close game so saints fans cant brag. Saints also had an easy schedule this season ha.

The Sports Guy That Games

The Bills…… nah the Saints or Seahawks


Depends who gets lucky with ref calls, refs always win the Super Bowl

    David R

    @the drowsy one The NFL is a dirty business they know the CHEATRIOTS r the biggest conspiracy since Kennedy but they won’t Expose them & strip them of all wins & Titles because they don’t the scandal to hurt the brand We all know all teams cheat but the CHEATRIOTS r truly the luckiest dirtiest lowest NFL Cheaters to ever play NFL football Belicheat is try the goat…AT CHEATING 😆


    David R you’re really stupid

    Scuba Steve 69

    David R Tom Brady was clutch in that afc championship refs had nothing to do with that buddy


Go Hawks!!

Eric Roche

Battle of the 0 – 4 Superbowl. Vikings vs Bills 😂

    Adrian Garza

    Andre Morton Jr Patriots aren’t going to the Super Bowl again lmao


    @Jeffrey Johnson no playoff games end in a tie 🤣

    Jeffrey Johnson

    @Beau Well, if every player dies of embarassment, the game would have to end in a tie.


    Jeffrey Johnson there are no ties in the playoffs

John Ogo

Seattle Seahawks we’re going all the way!

    Nicholas Jackson

    We’ll see this week. Don’t sleep on us 😂

    Jay Jay

    @Nicholas Jackson I won’t sleep on the luck but the only chance to win is to have Philly shoot themselves in the foot


    @Sckipt Marshawn Lynch says hello 😉


    @Infernocus twice you guys have been on the 1 yard line and twice you guys have not used him. Also, Bosa completely stuffed Lynch.

    William Randolph

    @Sckipt well the Eagles don’t have bosa do they 😉

Jay Jay

Titans Up!

Mobil Senseless

as much as I want the Vikings to win against the saints, they won’t win😭


    @Brass Boy That’s if you guys can even keep it close, better hope it ain’t a blowout.

    the drowsy one

    @Brass Boy the broncos game was our miracle.

    the drowsy one

    @Dooky I cant guarantee anything about the vikes. They’re just so unpredictable. If I says they’re going to win, I did vs packers, seattle, and KC. Bah. They also wins games I thought they were going to lose.

    Random User

    They will have to win it running the ball and keeping Brees off the field. Only chance I think.

    Stan ezen

    Remember the Minneapolis Miracle?

General Chew

Saints win Super Bowl drew Brees retires

    Gunter Findley

    That’s correct

Avery Merrick

Fly Eagles 🦅 Fly.

    Cxzz ?!


    Anthony Barnes

    Avery Merrick we’re gonna beat y’all first round

yolo yeet

Seattle and new Orleans

B- Head

For most these teams, chiefs, ravens, 49ers and saints, it’s super bowl or bust


Saints and the Ravens.
‘Nuff Said.

    George Thomas

    My two favorite teams

Flabby PigLegs

Time to watch “expert analysis” lmao

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