Top Trick Plays of the 2019 Season! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bruh I was just watching the top plays of 2019 when I got the notification

    Jack Forti

    FBI same

    Brandon Vickers


Anthony Guerrero

It’s Funny how they get confused

Jake Wood

“6ft5” 311 pound offensive linemen 35 yard td yesterday by the falcons

    Isaac Hubing

    Jake Wood 8:05

Adhit Eswar

Dang Don’t you guys like watching trick plays😀

Connor Burke

2:04 “It’s Gage, Russell Gage.” Nope. “That’s gonna be Josh Reynolds #83.” Nope, strike 2.

    Joseph Zamot

    Connor Burke I don’t understand how that is a trick play

    Connor Burke

    Joseph Zamot it was their punter who threw the ball. I’d assume that they were lined up to punt it away, but they changed the play at the line of scrimmage

    Austin Greene

    Russel Gage is on the Falcons isn’t he?

    Connor Burke

    Austin Greene yeah. Sometimes I feel like announcers aren’t even watching the same game we are

Jim B

You should do the best celebrations of the 2019 season

MightyDuckAction 2002-03

Dolphins come up with the Craziest and Coolest play’s 🐬

    Mot Doai


    Sean Morris

    Was just thinking, “the Dolphins are every other highlight”. Fun team to watch.

    MightyDuckAction 2002-03

    @Sean Morris Yes Sir definitely a fun team to watch

    The Hated Rogue

    Its too bad their OC got fired


    Cuz they suk so they hav nothin to lose

Dominic Pellicano

I was watching top 2019 plays of the season then got notified bout this saying better have the Jason sander td

    Fish and Pheasant

    Dominic Pellicano I’m gonna think it does by the thumbnail

Jose Paz

Alright, let’s just take a second to appreciate how good Younghoe Koo did with those 2 onside kicks in a row, technically 3. I mean that was insane!👌

    Freddie the spy

    @Jack H. U tube

    Freddie the spy

    Jojo on you tube

    Freddie the spy

    You tube

    Jack H.

    Freddie the spy what

Boss Baller

3:45 that creepy laugh tho

Ian Burke

I just can’t believe the playoffs are here already. The season goes by so fast fast

Rahiem Jones

Stephen Sims did Lil Keke’s “Southside” dance !…😂💪🏾🤘🏿

David McDermott

lol the second play is literally just play action

    Rafael Forest

    They throw it to one of their OL players.

    Taarak Ramamurthy

    Yes, look it’s thrown too

Noah Humphrey

Dolphins:*Beat the Patriots

Patriots: Excuse me WTF

    Noah Humphrey

    As a Dolphins Fan, YOUR WELCOME and really to be honest the Patriots are always going to be scared of us

    Noah Humphrey

    Elias Montoya and, as a gift to you, I’m your first subscriber

    Elias Montoya

    @Noah Humphrey thanks man I’m probably not gonna upload anything but appreciate it anyways Haha

    Mot Doai


    Chowdz zz

    Jerry Junior Lol cowcuck fan mad. 8 and 8


1:41 Kenny Golladay more like, Can He Go All The Way


5:17top right corner

    E2 Ivory


Kenneth McLaughlin

The dolphins weren’t great this year, but boy were they fun to watch.

Noah J

Dolphins didn‘t have a great season but they had the best Trick-Play of the season imo

Fabian Ramirez

5:30 you will probably never see it again in probably a few years or decades.


8:05 I think the niners did this play last night vs Seattle to Debo Samuel….

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