Cowboys Break: Who’s Coming Back? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Who’s Coming Back? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

With changes expected on the coaching staff, the crew debated free agent decisions on offense.

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Adam Burke

If this is like a kicking competition. Dani should stay and AG should go. AG will make the 60 yard kick, but she is consistently off the mark from close range. Dani is on point from anywhere!

    Brian Daniel

    Maybe in 2020 your hating will stop

    Robert Hernandez

    Adam c “mon man .

    David Cantu



    Lmao great analogy but I agree with you she gotta go


    Dani the 🐐

Derek Smith Sr.

No body should be begging for a mans firing……..but is he gone yet?

Dallas Faithful

New Coach address Defense and desperately special teams play.

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

This team was undisciplined on both sides of the ball !! On offense they had more dropped balls than any other team ,they had far to many false start and holding penalties that killed scoring drives .then theres the defense …which needs to be completely scraped and reformulated..both sides of the ball should incorporate anylitics too those things and your a championship team

Derrick Bonner

We need to focus heavily on SEC Conference talent for any all defensive needs That is a semi pro conf with a lot of NFL ready players

Juice Dajack

Dani is smoking hot!

Derrick Bonner

As far as WRs goes I think we need more physically opposing type of WR we need to reshift out focus on more height an more girth on both sides of the ball too many times too many teams have pushed us back on either side of the ball. It’s time……..

Ryu Hayabusa

Dani or Ambar?


    Ambar she sexy as hell

    Ryu Hayabusa

    No doubt…. Dani cute too tho!

    David Cantu

    Tay brother….

    Ryu Hayabusa

    Lol…. That’s right! Cowboys have some beautiful woman working at dot-com.

Donta Golder

What new COACH

Stonehall Studios

Returning Starters: Dak, Amari, Witten(smh), Austin (smh), Lee, Antuan Woods, Kai Forbath

Gone Starters: Cobb, Quinn, Collins, Joe Thomas, Bennett, Crawford, Anthony Brown, Byron Jones, Jeff Heath, Chris Jones

wayne pinkney

Where’s Brian?

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