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    LS MidwayXD

    RAS S good job being first😂🤦‍♀️


    Nope second

    LS MidwayXD

    Aaron. Big bet😂


and 1st like

LS MidwayXD


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Your my favorite team my favorite player is amri cooper

kris hernandez

Refrain Garret to front desk please, please don’t let this break be ugly, make no mistakes, Jason Garret is a cowboy through and through, he is just not the Alpha we need to lead to a title, Neither am I which is why I have the audacity to write this. ;/

LS MidwayXD

Garret was a good coach don’t get me wrong on that but I think it’s time for a new coach. Urban Meyer should be the best choice I think.

M DeBehnke

Bring back broaddus you fools

John Crabtree

Next years team is gonna suck regardless who the coach is

John Doe

I’ll bring back Jason, hire Troy as gm, and hire Charlie Stong as my d coordinator. Give Dak 30/ 3 years.



    John Doe

    Asmodeus there is nothing funny about that son

Glenn John

Am I the only one that doesn’t appreciate Bill Jones…?

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