LIVE: Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb on Miller Lite Cowboys Hour | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
FLIPda IronSquid

Cobb come back next year dawg!

Aaron Holt

Fire Jason garret


No audio

Glorious Pandemonium

Come on people!! Cant the Cowboys get something right????? NO AUDIO? WHAT KIND OF PRODUCTION ARE YOU PEOPLE RUNNING OVER THERE IN DALLAS???? PATHETIC!

    Dakota Shepherd

    Dude chill out a bit huh?

    David Arzate

    I thought my comment was bad lmao

Dale Bailey

Fix the audio

Santiez Tx

Shout Out To Cobb n Gallop.. Think tha audio cutoff

Shell Sharpe

They need to get someone who knows what they doing to run the board. This is a 5 star organization that can’t even record a video with sound.

Ariana Rodriguez

Where’d the sound go

Ellison Lowrimore

Why is Garrett not fired??? 😡😡😡😡


    Because his contract is about to expire.

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Mister You tards never learn do you? His contract ends on February 2, 2020 the end of he 2019 season, just like EVERY NFL coach on their last year of their contracts do. Will Jerry say he’s free to explore options before then, of course he will. This straight out of Jerry’s mouth this morning on the Sean & RJ show 103.5 The Fan


    Lava LifeGuard no one cares what you have to say with your multiple YouTube accounts. Get a life, loser.


Sound went out a few minutes into the show!

Smoke Go Krazy

Sound is gone like our season👎💩💩💩


Sound came back around 12:44 into the show.

    Ruben Larez


Nicholas Nelson-Brown

Sound problems wtf we just can’t get a break

Troy Mendes

What’s with the sound guy? It can’t be their mics. They all just went out?? This season is all the way jacked up!

Cosmic Bro

Love Cobb he’s a great guy

    Lava LifeGuard

    Yeah, I like Beasley better though

David Arzate

Couldn’t hear the first 13 min y’all need to step this up last time the audio went out with emitt


The gall these clowns have even doing this!!! The biggest disappointment in Cowboy history! Get the stink outta here and get better or go away!!!!!

C•0•2 Designs

Gallup put Garrett under the bus😂😂😂

    Shehzad Jiwani

    I think it was more about Sanjay Lal (Wars coach), if we’re thinking about the same thing

John Doe

If Jerry brings back Jason for one more year without a contract extension, it won’t work. Jerry has to give him a 4 year contract or get rid of Jason.

Jason DOE


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