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David Zakaryan

I’m just here so I won’t get fined

Sports 311

Playoffs, here we come. I’m ready!!!!




    Survival where do you live

Tyler Hilgers

Idek why I watch the NFL’s “best of” videos anymore. They are almost never accurate by statistical or fan measurements.


    Some ones mad

    Tyler Hilgers

    @ExoSkeleton someone doesn’t know how to use proper English.


    Tyler Hilgers Someone doesn’t know how to capitalize.


    @TylerGaming567 😂😂😂 good one


    yeah they need to fire whoever makes these lists and hire someone else the broncos WR Courtland Sutton had 2 ridiculous catches this year one of which the NFL titled “Courtland Sutton INSANE 1 handed TD catch” and it didn’t make the top plays of 2019 list lol makes no sense why it hasn’t been on any NFL films list this year

Jay Stiles

That saints one was questionable because it could’ve easily been an MT play for sure


    …or the stiff arm on Ryan…


    Or the 540th TD pass by Brees that broke the record.

    snmarf dgn

    @TheRealYoshi https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    snmarf dgn

    @lipsterman1 https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    Zachary McClain

    @TheRealYoshi Nope, a backup QB TD run against a bad ATL team is a better play than any Dink and Dunk brees play. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

barudak sipil

4:12 falcons best play should be the consecutive successful onside kicks

    Super Happy Fun Times

    barudak sipil totally agree with that. If the Falcons scored on their last drive it would’ve been the best ending I’ve ever seen

    Robert Hall

    If we won yeah


    barudak sipil that’s 2 plays

    Allen İverson

    @Robert Hall https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

Colby Grim

I’m here for the bengals🤣

24Kaleb May

Good video but think falcons should be the game winning TD against the 49ers


Minkah Fitzpatrick is in here twice, first for the Dolphins and then Steelers. What a stud!


    He wasn’t on here for the dolphins it was a trick play on special teams

darkthunder 16

When ur best play is a field goal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jul Rod

    darkthunder 16 yo tbh that shouldn’t have been the bears best play. Yes we were bad but not THAT bad. The Montgomery touchdown in week 17 and one of Gabriel or Anthony Miller’s outstanding catches should’ve been on there.

    darkthunder 16

    @Jul Rod they legit don’t look at all the plays a team has made, like there are some where it’s like Ohh a 7 yard run, do that. Don’t take this list seriously, and I just had to throw a little jab at u cause I’m a packers fan, no true hate, just some fun banter 😊


    @Jul Rod I was thinking the 102-yard punt return by Patterson against the Saints

    Kavin Sathiyan

    i mean, a gw 53 yd field goal isnt that bad

    Josh Rogers

    So many better plays this year. Trubisky’s TD run against the Cowboys, Patterson’s kickoff return against the Saints, both of Miller’s receptions against the Lions on Thanksgiving. Ah the bears were so disappointing this year these plays still aren’t even that good 😭


This is an awesome way to end the 2019 season and the 2010s decade

Frosted Ice Pharoah

How ironic. The Bears’ best play was a field goal.😂


bro wtf was the saints one 😂


0:00 saints
0:10 Seahawks
0:27 49ers
0:40 ravens
1:03 patriots
1:12 chiefs
1:27 Texans
1:37 packers
2:02 bills
2:20 Vikings
2:37 Titians
2:50 Steelers
3:09 cowboys
3:23 eagles
3:32 rams
3:49 bucs
4:02 bears
4:11 falcons
4:22 browns
4:33 chargers
4:42 colts
4:54 cardinals
5:03 broncos
5:34 panthers
5:43 raiders
6:02 redskins
6:16 jets
6:33 jaguars
6:41 dolphins
6:58 giants
7:08 lions
7:18 bengals

Your welcome

    Derwin the Lock your favorite player up James

    You’re a hero


    Derwin the Lock your favorite player up James thanks

Toasty Blizzard

This Vernon Davis Play always gives me hype

    Impeach The Orange Buffoon

    That was great!

Khaos Productions

Do a Worst Call by Refs of 2019! 😂😂😂

Williams Hu

3:01 Quentin Nelson highlights

Demetrius Smith

Eagles defense on here like 5 times 🤦‍♂️

Impeach The Orange Buffoon

There were more dynamic plays for some of the teams this year.

I’ll give it a C grade.


2:01 most perfect onside kick return ever

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