Buffalo Bills vs Houston Texans Wild Card Weekend Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6,

Bills will win

Charlie Baltimore



Nothing but respect for the Texans but the Bills needs that W LETS GO BUFFALO #BILLSMAFIA

    Patricio Velasco Oyervides

    TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan good luck bills may the best team win

    whoa Nelly

    @Patricio Velasco Oyervides yeah man

    Thumbsdown Bandit

    @Patricio Velasco Oyervides So Bills it is.

Shan D


Camran Brown

Bills 24-17

Juan El Bean

I say Bills win

Qué pasa tete?? xxd


Purple Gamer

Bills 23-21

Alejandro Dgr

Go bills…💪

Humble Rumble

This is going to be an awesome matchup! Go bills!

Yeseung Lee

Both teams deserve to win this game!! Hope this game will be great game!!

Ser Josh

As a titans fan go bills!!! Good luck to texans fans tho! 👍

The Sports Guy That Games

Let’s Go Buffalo!

Roblox and minecraft fan 562

Bills 30 Texans 27

Mr. Bear

The Bills have Red Bull which will give them wings giving them the High Ground


    But they have to score touchDOWNS not touchUPs.

CrazyBash 228

I’m looking forward to this game. My Money’s on the bills 16-10

iHeart Tesla

The BILLS Make Me Wanna Shout❤️Let’s Go BUFFALO!!! 🏈🤗

SirDtheGEMINI 9000

Whoever wins this game needs the titans the win because none of us really wanna face the ravens in the divisional round right🤷🏾‍♂️

Jake Wilson

Texans 59 Bills 0!!! Let’s go Texans!!! I love Houston!!!

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