Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots Wild Card Weekend Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
The Piper Report

I see an upset coming. I think Titans will win but it’ll be close

    XCI Cubing, Gaming and Sports

    The titans are going to pull it of i say ( 30-21 ) Titans win


    I don’t see this as a upset

    Grizz Pinck III

    I see it (upset)also

Sohan Patel

Go Titans! #titanup 🔥

    Nuzhdar Hamdoun

    Sohan Patel no titan down #TITANDOWN

    aaron berhane

    Nuzhdar Hamdoun bandwagon

Jay Stiles

This is different for me but forgive me but the titans wins this game 27-24

    Clark K.

    I dont blame you, especially when the pats are still trying to find their 2nd rec.
    However bc of Brady’s experience in playoffs I say 27-20 over the titans

    Ron Edward

    I agree with you. Them Patriots are not looking forward to having to tackle Big Henry in the cold.

    #JulioJones 11

    I still think pats win but in a brutal match 27-21. I won’t be shocked if they lose though.

Daniel Fox

I just don´t get why it is “upset” when almost everybody go with Titans lol… It looks like Patriots should lose this one…

    Nadir Williams

    Think they are just calling it an upset, because Pats are the higher seeded team. But I agree colloquially seems weird to say so with such a consensus lol.

    Phil E

    Everyone can pick the Titans but the line determines who’s the underdog, which I believe is the Titans.

Romi Arkan

Derrick Henry about to become one man wrecking ball

    Universe_ pog

    Romi Arkan he’s the next beast mode

    Unknown Memes

    @Universe_ pog more like cam newton at runningback which is also beast mode

Victor Hardin

The patriots will remember.. forever… the night dey played the titans.

    Diesel Johnson

    Hollywood MK That was the Colts the guy thrown out of the club

    Diesel Johnson

    Victor Hardin Ooooooooohh Don’t threaten me with a good time

    Hollywood MK

    Tom Brady is going to Hulk up and drop the leg on the Titans.

    Alannah Martin

    Buddy Tom Brady lol New England gonna win


    Victor Hardin remember the win


This is going to be a great game no matter who takes the W— From a Pats fan

    A Blood Moon

    AttilatheThrilla ty for you’re respect :))


None of these numbers matter come Saturday #titanup

Daniel Ramones

The Titans win this 1

Tyler Miller

Alright Titans fans, I am as confused as you are so let’s stay humble, keep your foot on their throats, and win this playoff game. Patriot fans good luck to all.

Tyler Miller

I am getting some 2018 Titans @ Chiefs vibes.

Nick Pangburn

Huge Titans fan here. I’m hoping for a good game and a bit of good fortune in all three phases from the Titans. #TitanUp

Humble Rumble

Go Titans! Sick of seeing the same teams in the playoffs and I’ve been rooting for the titans to make it!

why dalukaton

3:52 did i just hear a sheep?

    Sammy Sullivan

    why dalukaton yes😂

uCantHop inMyCar

Titans with the upset

James Cramutola

Don’t bet against Brady and that Patriots defense remember what they said about the Patriots last year and what happened and I’m not a fan.

    Rafael Morales

    They will mostly be lit up after seeing the video of chiefs fans stepping on Brady’s jersey last Sunday.


24 – 23 titans.

Daniel Tayong

Remember the Titans


Sadly, I’m picking the Titans over my Pat’s in this one. We have no NFL caliber running back. It’s killed us all year. Young receivers. Old Tom. Titan’s 30 Pat’s 17

Blackthorn 461

I have the titans 24-17. I think they have a good chance to give Tom Brady his 2nd wild card round loss.

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