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Seattle Seahawks

Heading back to Philly! Which bird comes out on top?

    Dylan Hampshire Gaming

    Seahawks are going to pluck the eagles feathers

    Lightningamer 120

    @johnny Lama noo way

    B Tree

    @Patriots 4life seattle is also cold

    Lightningamer 120

    @Patriots 4life yes because in Seattle our winters are like 90 degrees

    Eagles 11

    Seattle Seahawks Us duh!


lets go practice squad !!!!

    Enoch Lee

    @Random Entertainment Eh, it’s not even close. Clearly the Eagles

    Curtis Reinas


    oABCs YT

    @Curtis Reinas do you remember the last time the eagles beat Seattle? I don’t.

    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze


    Barbara Kelsey

    oABCs YT they will Sunday

Matthew Greco

This is the ambulance bowl and there’s a twist there’s two medical tents instead of one!

    Milton Bueno

    Eagles are worse

    Milton Bueno


    Michael Weeden

    Eagles had players waiting in line to get in the blue tent


    Seattle isn’t allowed to have running backs and the eagles aren’t allowed to have receivers

    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

    All g practice squad more better than starters

Jose Canal

Run the ball philly πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…

    Jack Noecker

    I agree

    Steve Bob

    Don’t get another injury philly

Ayush Maddikonda

I’m in danger

    Ayush Maddikonda

    Jonathan Morales The eagles are screwed against any other NFC playoff team

    Gage Jernigan

    @Jonathan Morales no. Despite yalls inexperience I would much prefer the injured Seahawks

    Gage Jernigan

    @Ayush Maddikonda no lol. We already beat the Packers

    Ayush Maddikonda

    Gage Jernigan Yeah that happened before all the injuries and Eagles underperforming

    Gage Jernigan

    @Ayush Maddikonda we also beat the Bills and we have the momentum winning 4 straight and they lost 2 straight. We’re not “in danger” we’re not afraid of a Seahawks team with a mediocre defense and no RBs.

Mike Arredondo

So Philly needs to run it to win
Seattle needs to pass it to win


    You see Arson Wentz on πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯!

    Travis Crump

    @FACTS over FICTION arson wentz lol

    B Tree

    @FACTS over FICTION so arson is the victim or suspect of this crime

    Toxic White Whale



    Philly needs a f-ing miracle.

philly_ sports

It’s pretty ironic that probably the two lost injured teams in the NFL are playing each other in the playoffs.

    Omar Zaifulizan

    You mean last?




    Rams were decimated with injuries too, and finished with the same record as Philly, while playing in the best division in football

    Zack Hall

    @conni70 Steelers are the most injured on offense imo but still went 8 and 8, almost beat the 49ers, ravens, and Seahawks. Hopefully the defense will be as good as it was for next year when we have an offense back (hopefully Ben doesn’t suck)

    Anderson Rodriguez

    philly_ sports i

Anthony Stimmel

Philly feeds off being the underdog. especially the last few years

    Anthony Stimmel

    @Colin Pelzer Also according to vegas the cowboys were favored to win 15 out of 16 of the games this year lol

    Colin Pelzer

    @Anthony Stimmel lmao Vegas be wildin this year

    Anthony Stimmel

    @Colin Pelzer we all know how to get rich next year. Bet against the cowboys πŸ™‚


    They just unanimously predicted the eagles to win, fool

Stan ezen

The regular season hits the rear view mirror as the Wild Card 8 clash this weekend. Just 6 weeks after their loss to Seahawks, Eagles now host them for a chance of making the super bowl. Both teams battered with injuries but who comes out on top? My take?…..

*Seahawks: 30βœ”οΈ*

*Eagles: 23*

    Ryan reed

    Stan ezen lets go

Call Me J. R.

Eagles make their own hype video ✨πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ 2020 ✨


EDP about to lose his job for this game. πŸ™

    Alex Kamara


    WCRQ Insanity

    And his mind raging


    He has a job?

    B Tree

    Its at 69 likes if you change it than f u

    joseph D



I got my hopes on the Seahawks for this win

LETS GO HAWKS it’s the battle of the birds

    B Tree

    And edp dehlia vs norb

    Compassionate Living


Kami Nami

If seattle can comeback on the board to a close game against a really good niners team than SEA can make a run

    King Asaad

    Kami Nami with a dozen missing pieces lol

Arlacia Leite

Seattle is going down

    Curtis Reinas

    PHILLY πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…

    Malik Holmes

    Fly eagles fly

    Compassionate Living

    The team with the bird as there logo will win

    Charlie Scriver

    hahaha keep dreaming

    Charlie Scriver

    @Malik Holmes after the game it will be cry eagles cry

Mikey Hope

2 of the most injured teams in the NFL both made the playoffs. Shows that as long as you have a champion coach and champion mindset, you can get it done despite not having key pieces.


Remember the underdogs

Jordan Keith

If ur an eagles fan, this is one of those times that u really have to have faith in our team

    Amanda Smith

    Jordan Keith I have more confidence in them than faith tbh.

    Curtis Reinas

    Think of nothing but 1st downs and Touchdowns! πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦… AND defensive stops

    Plebstyle - Gaming & More

    Me too I feel like we can do it ever since we won the superbowl season

    James Rembert

    Jordan eagles are going to win and if we don’t at least we had a chance for the super bowl again.

    Roberto Salcido

    Please eagles beat the Seahawks πŸ™πŸ€›

Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager

Who’s ready for the ambulance bowl

Blake Smart

Let’s just combine these injured teams and let them run the table.

β€œSEagles” for SB 54

Aaron Scruggs

“Eagles vs Ravens”
Miami 2020

    Charlie Scriver

    bad odds

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