Where Will These QBs End Up in 2020? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Where Will These QBs End Up in 2020?

Where Will These QBs End Up in 2020?

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Leo Sydlik

Another title that has a file name!!!!

    YT Hypebeast

    why is this the top comment

    Football Films

    @YT Hypebeast Because it is true. But why is the title different on the homepage?

    Chris Griffin

    @Football Films still this is odd. Top comment

    Kyiwann Smith


    Last Aw Void

    Analysis Driven Nfl Discussion

Bruh Moment


    The Random King

    Lol. They fixed it

    Bruh Moment

    The file names is when you know your early


Here before they change title: 200206 LANDING SPOTS FINAL

    Jdman 2008

    @NFL can I get some autographs

    Oliver McCall

    @NFL Draft me, I’m a pretty good tight end if you know what I mean 😏

    Mykal Vaughan

    @NFL oh my god

    Mykal Vaughan

    @NFL can you get dak a better madden mobile card so I can use him

    The Random King

    @Mykal Vaughan 🤣

David Nir

Btidgewater will improve any team he goes to that needs a quarterback

    Dice Doctor

    like he did with the vikes? hes a nobody!!!

    Ric H

    @Dice Doctor He took the Vikings to the Playoffs

    Dice Doctor

    @Ric H EVERY vikings QB takes them to the playoffs and LOSES brett farve took us for christs sake…and since the 70s we ve been a mediocre team!!!

    Ric H

    @Dice Doctor He lost in the Playoffs because your Kicker missed a 27 yard Chip Shot FG for the win after Teddy drove them down the Field.

    David Nir

    @erick smith I think he learned a lot sitting behind Drew Brees and he also learned a lot from shawn Payton

JJ Junior

Chicago Bears could use Cam Newton, ESPECIALLY with that defense they have, they could be elite again someday.

    C Givens

    @Melo_3Ball Ball Brothers the bears dont have a o-line for cam

    Big White Duck

    @Nick Vallie they need Dalton Asap

    Nathan Corless

    @Chicago Sox Chicago Sox they were blinded by his combine

    Karol Szymon Wiśniewski

    @Warriors And the Bears could have had Mahomes or Watson but they are the wrong color for the Bears management.

    Luke Mccallister



Here before they change the Title LMAO

    Crackhead Jimmy

    SpweedzSZN what’s that wrong with the title ?

    The Random King

    @Crackhead Jimmy nothing now. You were to late

Chicago Sox Chicago Sox

Bring someone to Chicago I don’t trust Mitch


    Imagine Jalen hurts

    Ethan Lopez

    @Chicago Sox Chicago Sox he got the most potential besides cam and will be the cheapest option

    Chicago Sox Chicago Sox

    @Ethan Lopez. True but honestly I don’t see the bears making any moves at QB

    Hip Hop Weekly

    Chicago Sox Chicago Sox Andy Dalton

Miguel Carrasquillo

How long ago was this made rivers decided to move a while back ago…


    @The Random King i thought that was him not retiring

    Randy Kindle

    @American Sports Fan were is he going?

    American Sports Fan

    Randy Kindle

    He is leaving LAC that’s the only confirmed news we have.

    He could retire but i’m thinking he goes to the Colts

    YouTube Gains

    NFL needs that money from YouTube ads

Justin Daoud

Drew Brees already said he is staying a saint

    You ain't talking Shit now


    Bluedasher63 ‘

    He did


Plot twist:

Mitch Trubisky goes to the XFL, becomes a legend and makes the hall of fame.

    Kailey Marler

    I’m afraid to look at the XFL cause I don’t like different things how is it guys?


    Kailey Marler it’s actually very good. The players aren’t quit on the level of NFL players, but it kind of feels like college and NFL mixed together. The best teams are the Houston Roughnecks, St. Louis BattleHawks, and Dallas renegades. I’d honestly recommend it to everybody who likes football and is sad the NFL is over. It’s a really good and fun substitution during the off-season.

    Doodle Pop's


    The big epic awesome Mike Duncan

    SportsHighlights hey I subbed too you cool

Vincent Wei

4:30: Some of the rare instances Belichick is smiling


    Vincent Wei he was looking at someone who was obviously in pain.

Lucio Gonzalez

wow this man in the future 200206 maybe finally the year Tom Brady retires

The Jack Rabbit

Russell Wilson does amazing but gets overlooked

    Cryptozex Gaming

    Xop4Extracted OUR* QB, LETS GO HAWKS 💚💙


    Mans is the best qb in his division no one i mean no one overlooks Russ


    How is he being overlooked when he was in the race for mvp n in top 5 active qbs

    Jed Lin

    With age considered, Russ is probably tied for the #1 QB in the league.

    that random guy

    Jed Lin lamar Jackson is better


When for Andy Dalton is like Nick Foles does that mean he will win a superbowl

    Mr Beast

    @Vincent St-Amour your a sad respresentative of us broncos fans leave now

    erick smith

    Dalton is way better then Foles…

    Jed Lin

    Vincent St-Amour: the Denver altitude must be getting to your brain lmao. Wentz is firmly right outside the top 5 QBs.

    Cription Sptnvnm

    Vincent St-Amour I spy a jaguars fan


I’m still struggling to get used to hearing anyone say Las Vegas Raiders. Sounds terribly out of place


    @tewinthetewowist … which is exactly what Gruden wants.

    Mo Alston


    Lapew Mo

    Well I’d disagree, I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard, and I prefer ‘Vegas Raiders” myself. Nevada-Vegas

    joe adair

    Just say Vegas Raiders and it sounds better.

    that random guy

    Not really unlike the chargers this move actually made sense

Michael Moore

I like how Cam Newton’s in the back of the thumbnail, alongside a duck, like he’s not Cam Newton. He is the biggest uncertainty given the media and teams level of disrespect, despite Cam’s age and talent.

Kxng Xavi

I can see Dalton in an Eagles jersey perfectly

Blaze Astro

I thought Tom Brady was going to Cowboys

Remy Bonilla

When he said “love is interesting to me” i felt that 20:13

Aryandhika Ifanda

“Hulu ad juke every body out”

Hey tom can’t juke on the field but off field don’t mess with that 🤣🤣🤣

    Psycho Mantis

    Ask Brian Urlacher 😂

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