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Air Champz

10th like 🙂 big cowboys fan!

Ernesto Sánchez

I really like Witten but I’d rather have Jarwin 100% and see if he is our TE for the future

Joe Bauers

Witten’s gotta go. He looked old and slow as hell last season. Cut him loose. Jarwin is better. Period.

Ernie B. 001

No knock to the future HOF JW#82, he needs to step back and become a #2 TE. It’s Jarwin’s turn to take his game to the next level.

Savage Bean

Bring Witten back but drop him to a TE2 role and make Jarwin, TE1. Witten wants a ring and knows this team is on the verge roster wise.

Tony Mungro

Ambar you’re faster than old man Witt and better looking too


Jarwin needs 70%+ of the snaps. If Gold Jacket Witt isn’t cool with that, let him play elsewhere

Brian Waller

Witten needs to go to new England so they can have a aarp team with brady


    LMFAO 😂 good one 👍🏽👌🏾

jeff hanna

Witten….please just retire.

Dallasfan0421 Ten

Time for Witten to retire. I want Sean Lee back though. Our young linebackers might be overrated.

Robert Hernandez

No more Whitten time to move on.

Robert Hernandez

Warshed up.

Robert Hernandez

Fucked up slow.


Witten is way past his prime. He can’t stretch the field, his blocking isn’t great, no running after the catch, and not a huge red zone option. Maybe the Giants will pick him up and he can back to JG. Take Nick Eatman as well cause he’s into annual mediocrity, playoff stagnation, and a huge JG fan.

Lil Mac

Witt and Ty Crawford need to bounce


J.W we love you thank you for the great years but it’s time brother, let the young guys like B.J step up👌🏾👍🏽

Robert Hernandez

Wtf wasting time on that guy getum out.


Byron Jones is a great corner. He didn’t get any picks but he didn’t allow big plays. All he has to do is start getting picking some of those passes. The only issue is $$$$. Cowboys don’t wanna pay.


Lee not getting hurt playing all those snaps as a starter is an anomaly consider his yearly injury history. LVE is the bigger problem due to spinal stenosis. How long will LVE realistically last before he’s forced to retire from injury (I’d hate to see him paralyzed due to football)? Lee has a job because of LVE’s injury. Long term the Cowboys better look at replacing Lee and LVE cause both are close to the end of their careers.

Mark Frederick

Witten is old and slow. He is not a great blocker and has NEVER been great in any area. Goodbye!

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