Jason Witten Wants To Play Football While He Can | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jason Witten Wants To Play Football While He Can | Dallas Cowboys

Jason Witten spoke at annual Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year Award ceremony and it clear he still wants to play and play for the Cowboys in 2020 but his future still remains unclear.

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Shenanigans Nuts

He’s stunting Blake Jarwins growth man, need to let him go.

Anonymous Google

He will end up a Giant

David J

Jarwin definitely needs to start. I luv Witt, but if he stays, he needs to take the backup role.

    eric Black

    David J I agree he to slow

Michael Giovanni

He’s got the Jaylon Smith syndrome.
Also known as ‘lack of self awareness’

    Brian Waller

    @True Gooner most “great ones” are selfish. You think michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant would pass up an open game winner jumper to allow someone else get the shot?

    Andrew Edwards

    @Brian Waller Kobe and Jordan helped the younger guys develop tho, not straight up refusing to help them out.

    True Gooner

    @Andrew Edwards Eh Jordan didn’t… but Jordan was Jordan. Witten was never Jordan, hell Tony Gonzalez was a MUCH better TE and they played in the same generation.


He’s my favorite cowboy ever, but even last year it should have been Jarwin 85 Witten 15, but instead Witten took most of the snaps. Jarwin is the big play athletic te that Dak needs. He has some speed.

    True Gooner

    I knew that would happen and it’s why I didn’t want him coming back. He’s selfish though, he fell on his face so hard with ESPN now he fears retirement.

Brian Waller

I’m up for him to stay but pass the starting role to jarwin and accept a limited role

Mark Rains

The business is 1 playoff td in a career with great teams around him. Time for an overhaul to the passing scheme until we actually get a good receiving te


Dont wana see him in another teams uniform, but also dont wana see him starting again.. Witt please take a backseat or retire again😞


Witten and Lee are two of my favorite players the cowboys have had. Yes I respect the greats for the cowboys but these two have been my two favorite. I really would hate to see him leave the cowboys and play on a different team, but everyone has a path in life. If he manages to stay with the cowboys, he should be backup but still have a handful of plays on the field.

Richard Johnson

WE SO TIRED OF WITT!!!!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕


I like Witten but don’t want him back with the Cowboys.


Witten is a progress stopper, I know everybody loves the guy but its been past time for the cowboys and Witten to part ways

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

Start Jarwin, Big Witt can be #2 TE. Witten wants a ring, now go get it!

harold jones

When JASON WITTEN talks about coming back to the Cowboys the song ‘SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY’ should be playing background music tee hehe


Go play for another team. It’s time

Brandon Edwards

Yeah Jason love you man but uhhh retire my friend

michaeladam caira

We all love Jason but enough already,he isn’t even a #3 on any other team and all he does is hold Jarwin back,time to retire with some dignity

Giffond Hall

he should retire

David W. Johnson

Blake Jarwin is 6’5″ and FAST. His play is like Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen, Zach Ertz & Travis Kelce…………… BLAKE JARWIN NEEDS TO BE THE STARTING TIGHT END NEXT SEASON.


I understand he still wants to play, he loves the game. If he can’t play his role, which is a backup at best, it’s time to let him go elsewhere. He’s still getting that gold jacket with a star on his helmet.

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