Kurt Warner & James Jones Eyeing Another Offensive Game-Changer | Las Vegas Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kurt Warner & James Jones Eyeing Another Offensive Game-Changer | Las Vegas Raiders

NFL Network's Kurt Warner and James Jones discuss the Raiders' offense, building upon the 2019 season, and more.

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Elvir Doko

Agreed James Jones

    James Carranza

    Raider’s!! , I hope Vegas is ready for the Cali Raider Nation cuz we ain’t no soft lil goody Goody’s,look up the history we know it, we made it, hope you learn it and run it with pride

    jonathan wade

    @James Carranza we all know how crazy the Nation is. I’m from upstate NY. Been bleeding silver & black since I was 10. Every Raider fan I’ve ever met has that kinda look in their eye. The Autumn wind will ALWAYS be a Raider even if it has to blow across a desert to get there. The days in both the OACC & the Coliseum will always be cherished . The Death Star or the Black Pearl or the Al in Vegas will carry on that tradition. I’ve heard the rumors that they’re gonna try to have a more refined & cultured crowd in Vegas. That’s BS. You can’t tame the beast no matter where it sets up residence. RN4L

Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

Las Vegas Raiders the end of season tankers! I’m a raiders fan and I didn’t like how Carr went for two after the titans score popped up yet a losing season that’s $$$ for you I guess again what wàlas carr given 25 million a year for what? What makes him a $25 mill a year? Oh I forgot it’s because his son has disability I forgot to make $25 mill a year you need a kid to be disabled dam I for got that you have to have a kid be in the hospital or what’s the new one huddle for 100 to give only 1 hour and 40 minutes of volunteering that’s a joke I did 49898 minutes you don see me in the NFL!

    Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

    @Bill Lozier again what’s that saying they like to use do what you gotta do! That means many different things from stealing to killing to doing drugs to selling got to drinking to dui to dwi or because a car can go fast doesn’t mean drive 200 mph crash and have your parents try to sue car company because kid dies for driving wreck less or because they see it on a video game they go and do the or these YouTube challenges because they want that 15 sec of fame so that the so called cool kids can make fun and maybe allow you in there group how many kids ended up in the hospital because of things like that to dam many yet rhats whatnim trying to change

    Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

    @Bill Lozier if you haven’t bee blessed yet for your work done you will if you have greater things will be at your aid! Because America we watch out for every one! And thank you for the service you do for the kids I hope every one know that what you do is for a reason not just for play play again thank you and keep giving to these kids they need it!

    Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

    @Bill Lozier for all those out there be that change for the better have dreams fulfill your dreams never stop even after you achieve your dreams I have all but a hand full left till I’m done with mine and I’m 35 will sign off winning the Presidency 03/03/2020 and 11/03/2020 yet I don’t go after people lives i use examples of not hurting other yet to say if that happens what will any of you do when you continue to fight for something bigger than one self? I stand for our pros I give them 👍👏 they do make our county safe with the support of our military the American people I do hope every one lives debt free Happ lives not have to worry about their next meal or place to live in there been there my whole life I am sorry for the loses we all have had for the each person to be free work live make a difference I did time just to show money isn’t everything to me yes with it you can pay for things and I have been told I can’t gain till I’m 65-70 which ever age comes first yet told if I get injured I get $1,000.00 month yet I reject that and sue for more because life liberty and pursuit of happiness on the real we can’t stop whom we are yet who am i?

    Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

    @Bill Lozier no one can say for sure and everything to this point has been 100% true did time for what lost of self because I was like a kid being band from a candy store yet when 2011 came about I was 28 + went back to school stared at SJDC 2 year went to gavilan for 2 years Stanford for one Harvard for 2 michigan for 1 Berklee 1 UC Irvine for 1 Columbia cal tech MIT NYU In the works plus many more like Cornell brown Yale Princeton many more and all for law really in the end every one needs an attorney! Pro Se Pro Per

    Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

    @Bill Lozier like my statement states America the people 270 and I’m pissing off all house and senate because I tell them like it is! Keep up the great work again they are the future of this country

Sanjit T

Next Year is Our Year!!!!

    lozano 4224

    Shhh dont say that pls dont say that . let it happen

    Jason Dalimp

    Our time is coming!!!! Our Patience all these years will finally pay off.Tenfold!!!! THE RAIDERS ARE THE NEXT DYNASTY!!!!

    jay sauce

    Playoffs for sure!!!

Master of Magetism

James Jones knows what’s up


I like what i hear from James Jones.

Bill Lozier

James Jones is 100% correct. Geez, Carr is still a very good QB. He’s a top 4th quarter comeback QB. GET HIM A RECEIVER! …& dont say we had AC. He was the invisible man in 4th.

    Marcos Lopez

    Was you mean IS Dallas is seeing it now

    Bill Lozier

    @Marcos Lopez yes! AB the invisible man.

    Bill Lozier

    Oops AC! Lol


Man FELLOW RAIDERS WAKE UP!!!.. Derek Carr will NEVER HAVE IT . He is just Terrible after the first read isn’t there and doesn’t have the intangibles to make things happen. Look at the 4th down drives ( 2 of them that he threw the ball out of bounds (intentionally mind you).After this year I am off giving Carr excuses and I , Being a 47 yr DIE-HARD RAIDER who was 12 when we won our last super bowl is sick of losing and mediocre QB play. Give up what we need and draft Tua as he is a generational talent. We need to move up to 3rd and get him and wait a yr. with him so we can compete against KC and he would be great in trudgen west coast offense ..look at his passes. If healthy he is by far the best QB this yr. we need him.. we will get the rest.

    jack dawson

    so if the raiders are a 4-12 team next year without carr, do we get to blame whoever the qb is? or is this personal with carr for you?

    jonathan wade

    @DannyBoy had to give a shout out to you. Upstate NY been a diehard Raider since ‘80 watching them roll through as the 1st wildcard team to win it all. I was born in ‘70 so same age bracket. I’ve been frustrated at key points with Carr throwing it away on those 4th down plays. Those plays have always been so crucial cuz we haven’t had a shut down D line & secondary with a suspect line backing crew. The Raider hay day was marked by the mad stork, sistrunk, Mutuszak, Alzado (old Brownie & Donkey before he found where he truly belonged) & Howie. Hayes & Haynes as shut down corners. We are building. My heart always goes into the season believing this is the year. I’m not ready to give up on Carr. That pass he dropped into Richard when he was doubled is a prime example of his capabilities. Don’t put him in the constant spot of having to come back & the mental edge he had in ‘16 before the colt debacle & we got this. Gruden & Mayock are gonna address the deficiencies. 3rd year in the system settled in Vegas……JUST WIN BABY!!!


    jonathan wade Ty, It’s great to hear a fellow Raider’s reply that is actually a great one at that and I agree with what you are saying and hope you are correct with us having this. I a living in So. Jersey on the Shore so it’s great to see us all over the USA. It also great to have someone my age that understands the era of football like you do that the RAIDERS were are will be again. Much <3 GO RAIDERS

    jonathan wade

    @DannyBoy btw I was in Vegas last year in March. Went to Allegiant & Raiders HQ a few miles away. Been following the progress on the stadium through Raider1967 site on YouTube. I think that may throw an extra wrinkle into home field advantage. Our boys are gonna be accustomed to the strip. Visiting team comes in on Friday & they’re gonna get sucked in. Been to Vegas about 10 times. The perfect visit is about 2-3 days. All those other 31 teams are gonna be in the flurry of lights the they get blind sided by our team. Just thought that was an interesting take from Mad Maxx. We’re gonna have Johnathan Abram back on the field reppin’ #24. Treyvon Mullen is showing signs of being a true shut down corner. Cle isn’t a bust. If we match last year’s draft the rest of the league WILL be put on notice!!!


    jonathan wade aye, was thinking the same thing about the new home field advantage we will have.. it’s going to be a great time to be a Raider.. looking forward to the positive side of things.

Taz Saalim

I love how James Jones says we

Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ

I hope it’s better than a 7-9 record on win better than the browns, the browns


I’m a 49er guy but I’d always liked the Raiders being from the bay when I was a kid there was great teams

Stockton 209

Imagine if the Raiders by some miracle drafted both lamb and jeudy

Deaareon Morris

my boy Derek Carr coming back next year for his revenge just like 2016 and show that mamba mentality to honor The black mamba.

    William Pender

    What connection does he have to LA??

    Chaz Uckerman

    He plays for the raiders TF you mean?

    Christopher Chavez

    He’s from Bakersfield he’s a big time laker fan

:Larry-Alan :Longacre.

sup RAIDER NATION, we need a better QB, SHOOT A BETTER OFFENSE our D LINE will have to work harder to get the ball to the offense just to 3 and out


Ruggs or Lamb but the guy I really want the Raiders to draft is Antonio Gibson. Carr just needs the tools to unlock the D.

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