What Moves Could the Minnesota Vikings Make to Improve the Team and Shape the Future of the Offense? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

What Moves Could the Minnesota Vikings Make to Improve the Team and Shape the Future of the Offense?

The Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, is joined by ESPN Vikings Reporter Courtney Cronin to break down the season that was for the Minnesota Vikings offense. How will the Vikings handle Kirk Cousins' contract with him coming off the best season of his career? Same for Dalvin Cook, who is heading into the final season of his rookie deal? Can the offensive line take another step forward?

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OPE Playzz

first. also SKOL

    SOT Fádëd

    OPE Playzz No one cares, give them advice

    Dudy Dude

    @SOT Fádëd They don’t listen to us. If they did, Riley Reiff and Pat Elflein wouldn’t be on the team anymore.

Christian Ordaz

Get trent williams or sign jack concklin and cut rieff, cut xavier and use the first rounder on a corner, then sign brandon shariff and cut efflien. Offensive line would be elite with Bradberry and oneil still getting better, then our secondary would hopefully get some help with a brand new face (mac alexander would be back and so will a healthy hughes) because we have the best coverage safeties and linebacker in the game they need help in order to return to trying to stop the run


Now that I got my Madden update, the only thing I need from this team is more Kirk Cousins. Never seen a quarterback that sexy.

    gary cobiak

    No one cares fa**ott


    gary cobiak You cared enough to reply to show both your ignorance and your insecurity within your own sexuality.

Randy Runnels

The offensive line still needs to be improved especially on the left side. Maybe someone else at left tackle. #skol #no mercy no wimps.


Kirk got hit too often. The O-Line needs a refresh. The left side specifically was weak so the rush came from Kirk’s blindside. When they hit a good D-Line, the running game stopped and the whole scheme fell apart. I blame the Offensive Coordinator because they had a small tool bag when they lost one of their weapons. We need a get a more creative scheme.

ryan damon

SKOL 💜💜💛💛


Offensive Line!!!!

I'm Just Saiyan

Get rid of cousins for literally anyone. Then use what we get for an entirely new o line. There. Problem solved.


    Kirk is the best option for us. Literally no one else is on his level. He’s not elite. But he’s good.

    Sione Aonga

    @casper Only with a good run game though. He cant do much without it and we have seen that all season. Hes paid way too much to need to rely on other things to work before he can play good

Paddy HossDaddyDog

O line needs to be improved an kirk is doing g good but needs to throw the ball deeper an get it to thielen an diggs more in a game. GO VIKES 🏈

SoCal Native

No no no
One playoff win doesn’t justify the contract and definitely not an extension.
If Courtney is right about these extensions we are done.

    Sione Aonga

    Agree! We see that he cant do it without a good run game. He cant be payed all that money to rely on other things for him to play well. At some point he has to take a step further in his game or just get rid of him all together

maverick lewis

It’s Paul Allan

Abraham Chacra

I agree. Vikes have multiple playmakers on every offensive position except that oline… Fix it and sky is the limit.


Easy. Improve o line. Get a real qb. Done.

    gary cobiak

    Cuz qbs just grow on trees


    @gary cobiak they don’t. Minnesota just always picks the wrong one. Even tannehill looks better so just think about that

lynn johnson

The lines gets strength n( both sides ) to go from good to great maybe , he’s good but not mobile & SF is going to be basically invincible next year if injury bug don’t hit m ,, GB, Seattle, Rams, NO, Phil. & Chr probably will be slightly better than the vikes, if no improvement is done

Steve Mitchell

More aggressive play calling. A quarterback with a little more pocket presence.

c m

Offensive line and db and some defensive line depth

Sione Aonga

HAHAHA she said Left Guard so quick!

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