How Will The Minnesota Vikings Approach the Offensive and Defensive Coordinator Hires? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

How Will The Minnesota Vikings Approach the Offensive and Defensive Coordinator Hires?

The Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, is joined by ESPN Minnesota Vikings Reporter Courtney Cronin to break down the upcoming hires of both an Offensive and Defensive Coordinator and how the Vikings may look to approach said hires, examine what went wrong in the season-ending loss to the San Francisco 49ers and more.

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Johnnyboy 407

First and skol!!

Webster Kollie

Have Gary take full role of the offense and let Zimmer focus soly on the defense. That would be my guess

    Xeng Thao

    Then who’s the head coach????


    Xeng Thao ill take it up myself; my credentials show much merit as I have won 2 Super bowls in Franchise mode on Madden

    Steven Blyth

    If Gary wants it. I hope he does and let his son and Zimmers son learn by watching for a a year or two.

    Brock Peavler

    Foocho 😂😂you’re hired

Adam Scott



Vikings like this you won’t

Austin Downs

Let’s go get wade Phillips as r dc


    Austin Downs That would be a very interesting hire. His defenses are damn good

ryan damon

Hi SKOL 💛💛💜💜


My type women love to have lunch and cold beer and talk Vikings football

maverick lewis

It’s the one and only Paul Allan.

Florence Dahl

Start looking for candidates to fill these spots left open.


I already can’t wait till next year


I think they need to to hire externally

ohshyt its me

This should be a job opening that attract many coaches.

Dennis Serras

It will be all in the family Adam and Klint.


    That’s my guess too.

Johnny Ledford

Till you fixes the oline we aren’t going do anything😞 I have been a. Die Hard Vikings fan for over 40 years I seen a lot I seen great offenses with bad defenses I’ve seen great defenses with no offenses I’ve Seen Crazy trades that built the Cowboys into a dynasty I seen my team that pull for every year never win the big game from the love boat to the dome falling in I been a Vikings fan but it’s getting to the point where it’s wearing on me watching a team with so many holes in it and then don’t have a plan to fixes it just same oh dumb stuff

    Johnny Ledford

    @Brock Peavler Yes more weapons the better the offense Will be and still need someone to be the big physical fast wide receiver

    Brock Peavler

    Johnny Ledford I get what you’re saying and it holds a little water but it doesn’t matter if we have all the weapons in the world. If Kirk doesn’t get the time he needs to go through his progressions, those weapons will be average

    Johnny Ledford

    @Brock Peavler yes right s scheme problem if you run a zone blocking scheme you line men are most the time small so there not going hold up again bigger more physical defensive lineman we have many problems and I’m not sure that can be fixed need to draft a QB a mobile one don’t give cousin extension bill the offensive line and defensive line and secondary and removed the older players is overpaid kind of have to do what Seattle did

    Brock Peavler

    Johnny Ledford now we’re cookin with gas. I’m on board with that👌



Long Nguyen

Why is she not on prime time, this lady is intelligent the way she talks Vikings football.

She hit it on the nail, we are run first football but what happens when we can’t run.


    Prime time sports media want extremely basic, cliche opinions, not real information because that takes genuine analysts and more air time. She’s too good to fit in with those Max Kellerman, Molly Qerim, Colin Cowherd meaningless take types.

    Long Nguyen

    Max, that dude is a puppet.
    Just glad espn save this girl for the Vikings team


    @Long Nguyen Yeah man I can’t stand the “big” sports shows. They all the same the stuff and it’s all cliche fluff and no real football talk. At least we got this channel.

dan dankowski

Piss on the Vikings. I’m sorry, but they can’t get to a Super bowl in 45 years, with all the great teams they’ve had?? To Hell with them!

    John Schmidt

    Man gatter tears are real!! 😭😭😭😭😭😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Iron Patriot Johnson

    I hear you. I feeling the same way. I’m so tired of disappointment.

    Brock Peavler

    That’s called being a fan. It’ll be that much sweeter when it does happen. Good riddance

Steven Blyth

Gotta beef up the OL obviously, and the D line. If we want to be able to beat San Fran next year against that D line, the OL has to be much bigger and tougher. But I will say that the play calling by Stefanski should have adjusted in game to what was happening. It was not unpredictable. The stats where near record lows. My question is as a trainer myself, did the guys get enough rest after the Saints game? They had to travel as well. Knowing how to back off on physical training and do more mental and emotional is crucial! Did they get enough rest? They looked unprepared for another grind of a game.


    Thank you! You’re the only person I’ve seen who realizes how big of a deal it is having one team play two cross-country road games in six days against a team that got to rest for two weeks and play at home. I wouldn’t be surprised if they still made the players get their practice in. Our dline looked outright fatigued from the begininng of the game.

Jon B

Cousins regression???!!!! How about Cousins on his back for half the game!! The problem was the OL not the QB!!!


    I agree. Cousins definitely doesn’t find the open receiver often enough and isn’t good at evading sacks, but everybody acts like it’s all on him, as if being scared of getting gang banged a second after the ball is snapped because you know your oline sucks makes it easy to read the field and think coolly.

    Isaias Gonzalez Noguez

    @utewbing the people that says that, have never experienced hit someone that’s 50-60 pounds heavier than you

Michael Murphy

Courtney is great, Paul can get a lot of help from her, brilliant girl

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