Hollywood Brown’s Impressive Rookie Season Is Just The Beginning | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hollywood Brown’s Impressive Rookie Season Is Just The Beginning | Ravens Final Drive

Battling a Lisfranc injury throughout the season, Marquise "Hollywood" Brown was never 100%, yet still put up impressive numbers. With time to get healthy in the offseason, he's expected to make a significant leap in year two.

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Isaias Flores

Let’s go ravens

David Kerns

We are going to win it all next year

    Jameson Helfrich

    I will believe this as soon as Lamar wins his first playoff game. Until then all I expect out of them is regular season greatness.

    Rashad Johnson

    Yeah everyone said that this year……


    Guys just stop, let us get there first before we count our chickens!

Joe Covarrubia

Proud of Hollywood.. sucks that he got injured 🤕 but I really do want Hollywood to stay with the ravens.(: next year will be great.


    6he has a rookie contact. He wont possibly be leaving till that is over.

    James Perry II

    We need the staff to pressure brown to stay and play till Jackson retires. His speed and ability to catch is a great compliment to Jackson’s better developing passing game.


No. No I still haven’t recovered

    Taylor Holmes

    Same man. Still in a state of shock


    I will never recover from that embarrassment

    Robert Townsend



    How yall think lamar feels…that boy might just get in the wildcard on purpose to get more wins next season…im scared for the league cuz this team is gonna be hungrier


    @HashWasntHere yeah that would be funny. Hopefully the ravens can get a good pass rusher and some more weapons for Lamar in the draft


Every time I see that number 8 jersey I’m like damn we almost made it. But he did good and will come back next year stronger and better

Cheri Hill

Really impressed with Hollywood! Can’t wait to see him play fully healthy. Go RAVENS!!

Robert Schwartzback

They were so fun to follow week to week. The games, the press conferences, the behind the scenes. Man it’s gonna feel like such a looooooong time until training camp.

CreekGeek 14

I’m so excited for next year this team was so young this year and they are for sure going to improve this off-season

Garth Andrews

Next season we need to find a way to put the ball in his hands more and get a bigger wr to compliment him

    zane brown

    Garth Andrews hopefully aj green

    Garth Andrews

    zane brown that would be clutch

T T Moore

They don’t need chyte on offense. They need to get that Defense right.

King Berserk

Need another WR if we want to win the bowl

    ZayKing 56

    I agree

ZayKing 56

All in favor of Drafting Henry Scruggs say I.

Denise Lane

Titans may have beat the Ravens, but they’re sure NOT going to win the Super Bowl.

Tom Ross TV

Props to Hollywood.. he and peters were the only ones that didn’t lay down and fought with Lamar to the death

Jake Duvall

We need a big physical wr out of the draft and I think we might be set.

    Tonja Bowman

    I agree

    Alix Richemond

    What do you think of Higgins from Clemson?

    Quando Cashboy

    @Alix Richemond Bryan Edwards of South Carolina or Laviska Shenault Jr. of Colorado

Bodymore Dummy

He one of the few that stepped up Hollywood is a future star can’t wait until he gets 100% with this year under his belt now our young core have 1–2 year playoffs experience 2020 we coming


Gus came play to bad he only got the rock 3 times

Tapper Zen

All I can say is that the titans game really taught us that Hollywood should be Jackson’s number 1 target next season. Their connection all season has been good, we just need Hollywood to stay healthy.

Will Rich

I’m not gone recover until harabaugh uses his special teams

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