‘We’re going to put in the extra work to be able to make up for that time lost’ | Drew Lock – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Tinx_ gaming

Let’s go Broncos

Trust Soke

Second plus love y’all the best

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

I’m a simple man I look at the comments it says there’s one and it’s hidden because the block is blocked because the Broncos mod chat

Ben Stockholm



I hope for an NFL season, but then the adult in me looks at the first 4 DAYS of MLB and I’m over here like see you in 2021.

Denverboy 15

Lock is my favorite player

    Desmond Ray

    I’m looking for they better not kneel or I’m done post 😂😂

Brown Bronco

Goodbye Jeff Heuerman. Hopefully this dosent turn into a shaq barret scenario where we cut the wrong guy

    Flippant Booch

    Nope it won’t


    Well Shaq was a strange circumstance. He’s a star, but our OLB core is honestly stacked so we just didn’t have the room to keep him for the money he wanted. In order to keep Shaq and give him the role he wanted, he’d have to swap out Chubb or Miller, and I honestly like those two guys more than Shaq. Glad he’s playing well in Tampa though, he deserves it

    Uso Penitentiary

    No way in hell does that happen


    Lol Huerman ain’t gonna do nothing

Thomas Dowd

Very professional, great demeanor

Connor Schlegel

Let’s go Denver baby!!!!


That’s my QB

    Chris S

    Yes!! Hopefully for the next 12 years!!

    Bobby Glander

    i wish i could agree but our broncos are doomed because elways shops at the dollar store for players so 🤷


This guy is so likeable. I can see why the guys would want to follow him. Of course, his personality would mean nothing if he didn’t also have the talent and football IQ to be great. He’s got it all, I think.

    Slightly Above Average

    That’s why I’m iffy about him, I love his personality and his small sample size was good but I can’t be all in on him just yet.

Franklin Lewis Ii

Off topic 😆 but lol Lock and the miz could be twins they look a like. As for football I like the demeanor of Lock. Good head on his shoulders i can’t wait to see a full season under his belt. Hopefully we have one.



Manuel Gonzalez

From everything he’s said, he sounds really responsible and makes close to no excuses. Hopefully that means he’s gonna pop off from all the hard work.

The Discussion

We’re in good hands with No. 3



Danziel Taylor

This guy is gonna give the defense pure hell he’s a duel threat to any defense

Emma Leticia

We’re ready Drew, we know you got what it takes to lead and get it done! Let’s goooo!!!


💙🧡Go Broncos🧡💙

Slightly Above Average

His interviews remind me of Manning he says the right things and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Jacob Everson

He’s still a kid but he will grow puting all our hopes and dreams into Lock.

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