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Top Seahawks Plays of 2019 Season | Highlights

Check out some of the top offensive and defensive plays from the Seattle Seahawks during the 2019 season.

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Aaron Kime



We need a pass rush. lets go!

Abby From Wii Sports Baseball

Russ is the best

Marc Amico

W/o watching. It goes w/o saying. Wilson-Tyler Lockett is a pure lock for the decade.

    Jack Marlow

    Baldwin as well but locket is underrated so he’ll never get appreciation like gronk and Brady do or that Julio and Matty ice do

Keagan Barreotis

It’s gonna be sad we will miss u Bradley mcdounald

    Keagan Barreotis

    Cj Malo yeah

    Morgan Danielson

    When I heard we were giving him up, I got sad for a sec, then I realized that we got Jamal Adams

    Arp Nar

    He was such a team player


    Bradley was more of a coverage guy. We will miss him but the hawks need Adams. This guy will stop the run and stop the receivers after the catch.
    That’s really important for this team to shut the other team down and limit the yards allowed in consistent basis.

    Morgan Danielson


It’s Mojo

I love the Seahawks! Like if you agree!

    ARK Claw

    It’s Mojo I’m not a big fan, but I like looking at there posts

    It’s Mojo

    ARK Claw oh okay. Go Hawks Anyway lol!!

    ARK Claw

    It’s Mojo but I do like em

Jeff Ralston

Love those Raible calls!

BallTribe TV

Where is Homers’ fake play against the Vikings?

Mihir Kumar

What a catch by Lockett in week 5


That Metcalf catch against the eagles and get in was amazing

Chillio Breeze

I can’t wait for the defense highlights this season. Seattle’s got a stacked defense now. #gohawks

    Jack Marlow

    Without clowney OR a stud d linemen, we’re not screwed but we’re gonna have to fight hard to get a chip and to win the division

Japhet Gonzalez

They forgot the Griffin brothers tackling Aaron Rogers

    Morgan Danielson

    Yes, I loved that play when I saw that

Seahawks Martin

I was at the Bengals and Vikings game… both games were AWESOME! The Lockett play against the Bengals was AMAZING! But where is David Moore’s TD or Travis Homer’s fake punt?


Forgot to put the Twin Sack against the Packers


I just love it when the reporter says “TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS”


The one dislike is a niners fan

Arsalan Khalid

All the dislikes are niners fans cause they still can’t get over the loss of week 10

Have 2BeHere

Reminds me how tough they were in all actuality last year + only a few yards from def. SF twice!


I was going to say Bobby Wagner’s 98 yard pick six . . . hard to believe that was two years ago now.

Jack Duckett

bro what about Marshawns TD in week 17? That is one of my favorite memories

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