‘I feel like we could be top five, top 10 in the league’: Chubb on expectations for Denver’s defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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RT Vee

First hyped for the new season

Cooper Da Goat

yo why does it show no veiws 1 like and 2 comments

Anthony Lucero

Hopefully covid won’t f up the season.

    Gidget Trevathon

    I wish a new league would replace the liberal globalist nfl


    @Gidget Trevathon lmao


Chubb about to have a comeback year

Mike Oz

God these interviewers have the dumbest repeat cookie cutter questions, at least there’s a mic now though!

    Scott Hansen

    Thats because its from their own computers lol

S Gunner

It seems like whenever a player starts talking about how great he is or how great he is going – that’s the beginning of the end.

The Original Dizzy-D

Playoffs Bound……..!!!! #MileHighSouljaStyle💪

rolland mousseaux

no o coordinator is looking forward to facing this new crew

roger twitty

he looks smaller….

    Kenneth Patterson

    Not at all cut either. Especially compared to what we’re seeing Von look like.

    roger twitty

    @Kenneth Patterson got that shane ray not quite right look

Binx Negale

Pray to football gods to have a Season this year. 🙏🏼💯🤣 🐴🐔🔒


I took CV19 to get some actual better sound quality to the questions. I can finally hear the questions now.

    Dex M

    I agree 100%


playoff bound 2020
💙🧡Go Broncos🧡💙




Wish nothing but the best for you Bradley chubb let’s gooo!!! DB4L🧡💙

Funni Bunni

my man bradley chubb, looking good. cant wait to see a dozen sacks this year.
good luck chubb 😊

Terry Smith

Chubb seems to be in good spirits. Hopefully, it shows on the field. Go Nuggets!

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