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DriP Fuzzy

Colts all The way

    el casa casa

    Yup go colts

Sports 311

If the raiders get into the playoffs, it will be a monumental comeback

    Steven Vlogs

    wilo farah it pitt and the Titans Lose and they win they’ll get in

    Blackthorn 461

    Steven Vlogs the colts also have to win

    Fatma Doğan

    @Steven Vlogs https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Fatma Doğan

    @Mark M https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k


    Jimmy Grenne Reread your own comment

Ken Wieczorek

Chiefs move up because they blew out the vaunted Chicago bears.

    Blackthorn 461

    Ken Wieczorek and Because the Seahawks lost. Btw they beat the bears by by far the most by any team has beat them this season, including the saints.

    Matthew B.

    Bears are trashhhhhhh

    Fatma Doğan

    @Matthew B. https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Mr psychometrics

    Patriots move up when they beat the bengals last week

Bryan Ouellet

What’s with the 3d glasses?

    Mason Rome

    Bryan Ouellet bc of Energizer

    Bryan Ouellet

    @Mason Rome hurtin.

    Fatma Doğan

    @Mason Rome https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Bryan Ouellet

    @Fatma Doğan Injunuity

Jon Collins

I yam who I yam

Chris Guerra

Dallas are horrible

    Jerry Junior

    Chris Guerra You ain’t got no life if you posting the same comment over and over again.

    Matthew B.

    @Jerry Junior dallas is trash tho

    Jerry Junior

    Matthew B. Dallas is not entirely trash

    Fatma Doğan

    @Matthew B. https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

Chris Guerra

Dallas are horrible

    Jerry Junior

    Chris Guerra So are you


How are the Bills not above the Texans 🤔🤔

    Blackthorn 461

    Thir13n the bills lost, and the Texans didn’t.

    Fatma Doğan

    @Blackthorn 461 https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Fatma Doğan

    @pickle man https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Obey the Shark

    The Texans clinched their division and the bills are a wildcard team

    Courtney Gaydosik

    Bills have beat teams with a combined record of, 43-78

Frezzercounter Max2

big trussss

Skimp OG

Yall kinda didnt post the week 17 power rankings video.

Савелий Кардашин

Cowboys are too high

Rebbecah Israel

Go Ravens

Urban Delinquent

Imagine 6-10 with all 6 wins division wins and the rest of that divisions don’t have a better record than 6-10


    sharpgluesticks gaming

    American Sports Fan that’s basically the same thing

    CE Hulk

    @American Sports Fan each tie is equivalent to .5w and .5l so 6 ties would equal 3 wins and 3 losses

    American Sports Fan

    CE Hulk

    A winless team in the playoffs is still worse imo

    CE Hulk

    @American Sports Fan win percentage wise they are the same

    American Sports Fan

    CE Hulk

    Ok win % of a winless team got it

Damian Alarcon

go niners

ryan damon

Next week VIKINGS vs bears


HTX 713

How is there a reaction video when there wasn’t even a rankings video in the first place🤦🏽‍♂️

Andrew Fischbach

Packers>patriots. Patriots r overrated

    Fuck you Eat my balls

    Andrew Fischbach packers aren’t good enough to make a Super Bowl run against teams like the 49ers and saints


    And the Packers aren’t? They’ve had one impressive win all season.


Where are the power rankings?

Grant Wu

I’m gonna remake:

    Fatma Doğan

    @Madwrestler 145 https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k


    if put the packers over the chiefs but i agree with rest


Where’s the actual Week 17 Power Rankings video

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