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Um I deadass don’t know what to say

    Oliver McCall

    Make a funny joke

    arfsnm dgn

    @Oliver McCall https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Oliver McCall

    @arfsnm dgn What the hell?

    Carlos Arroyo

    @Oliver McCall LoL calm down bro

Devin Arredondo





Ravens best play was the OTHER TD pass to Andrews not this one, but still a great play either way

    Ø.G DeRrIcK

    Zach tru

    Kryptic ZER0_F3AR



Bears best play lol

    PHILosophy 1990

    Just saw it lol….🤭

    arfsnm dgn

    @PHILosophy 1990 https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Vitro Amare

    I’m legit a bears fan. And I was like “I’m going to check the comments, see if any are about the bears.. oh god” and the first one was you 😂😂😂

    x2 brothers

    @Vitro Amare so am I that’s what I was was doing 😅

Maybe Later

miami was the best 🔥🔥

    VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs

    That game was insane I’m not even mad that we lost


Colts x2 Punt Return TD. Thats insane

    MT Investigators


    Steve Harvey

    3 punt returns averaging 65 yards


Best play of Ravens is the other TD not that one

Jaime Garcia

Best play for the Browns was the OBJ TD

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Jaime Garcia OBJ sucks and he’s overrated


    ThatOneGuy 123 fr julio Jones way better than him

    Kryptic ZER0_F3AR

    No they were right I could respect that catch and it was off my team

Anthony None ya business


Joey Cramer

That Bears Play tho





Drew Rohner

only the bengals could make one of the best comebacks in nfl history and lose



Nike Trushkov

Fred Warner’s amazing interception was probably inspired by Nick Bosa’s interception from the game vs. the Panthers. The two plays look so similar, except Warner was able to score and Bosa wasn’t able to.


So crazy how there’s a 4 way race for the NFC #1 seed. I’ve never seen that before.


    9ers got it in the bag


    @woodsider idk about that one, I see Packers snubbin #1

    Carlos Arroyo

    @Migil https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Carlos Arroyo

    @woodsider https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

Allen V

Haskins been starting to get the offense going

    Chuck Sharts

    Yea, he’s been balling every since the 2nd half of the Packers game…I’m glad we’re not playing him next week

    Allen V

    Yeah, if they get guice healthy and a TE than can stay healthy they have a bright future with mclaurin, sims and Haskins on offense

    arfsnm dgn

    @Chuck Sharts https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Bdcjr gaming

    @Chuck Sharts he injured btw

    Chuck Sharts

    @Bdcjr gaming Ik

Cam Singleton

I watched the Giants-Redskins game and the ‘Skins put up 35, that play definitely wasn’t their best.


    Cam Singleton shoulda been one of the steven sims tds

    Carlos Arroyo

    @Cardozer https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    Noah Nussbaum

    yeah but the giants still won

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Cam Singleton I’m a Giants fan. The Skins best play was that ridiculous completion that Keenum made in his own end zone that was the start of their 99 yard game tying drive.


Jackson’s TD pass was thrown perfectly, but also to a wide open receiver. The other TD pass to Andrews was a lot more impressive.


Saints best play was pass to Thomas for the reception record. Who Dat and go Saints anyway. # black andgoldtothesuperbowl

Fabian Ramirez

How is the Bengals best play is last that should in the the top 5 or 10
This is coming from a dolphins fan

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