Every Touchdown from Week 16 | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

good ^^

Jeramiah Harris

first finally

PhearlessPhipps x7


I Hate Fortnite

Last time I was this early Bills won the division…

    I Hate Fortnite

    @Justin Goldberg sadly no…

    Justin Goldberg

    I Hate Fortnite no I was redwing to the past because of how irrelevant they are

    I Hate Fortnite

    @Justin Goldberg oh ok

    arfsnm dgn

    @Justin Goldberg https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

Owen Raefield

Where’s the notification of Marshawn Lynch signing with seattle?

Vincent Petrancuri

There was one Dallas td, but he was on the eagles…

    arfsnm dgn

    @Robin Hawley https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

    arfsnm dgn

    @Kazi420 SB52 https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k


    @arfsnm dgn wtf?

    Ahnaf Shahriyar

    Calypsm he’s tryna get ur ip


    Panthers were 5-3 now 5-10 two years in a row they choke their season

Basils bag of memes

I’m early so merry Christmas Eve it’s 12:08 where a live long island

Watchumean Films

Go pack Go !

Deandre Truitt

Of course it starts with Jameis Winston the most inconsistent QB in the league. Leads the league in passing yards and interceptions smh🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


    I mean, at one point, Brett Favre had the all-time leading passing record and the all-time thrown interceptions 😂

    arfsnm dgn

    @RayCloud https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k


    Gonna be 30 TDs and 30 INTs season, this guy just throws the ball and says prayers.

    An angry Jets Fan

    Winston’s so accurate but his reeds are god awful

Sports 311

I’m expecting an exciting finish to a regular season. So many playoff scenarios that are gonna really tell us who we think is going to make noise in the postseason


    If the Raiders pull it through that would be legendary.

    arfsnm dgn

    @Chipmunkk https://youtu.be/n4M6YsqvI8k

Hotshot 14380

DJ is the future of my team and I’m proud to say it.

Nicholas Santiago

Phillip Lindsey has the best looking play


5:02 61 YARDS- *inaudible satanic sounds*



    Ø.G DeRrIcK

    MartialVessel32 😭😭💀


Honestly, the best touchdown was touchdown Michael Thomas got the re cord on

Ryan Flanagan



This is how many times they said.touchdown:

Rae’Quan Morgan

All of these rushing touchdowns, but y’all still haven’t made a *“Top Rushes of the Week”* video

Erik Jennings

Now i know the nfl hates the lions for some reason but we had a punt return td.

Young Wick TV


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