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Mike & Wes preview Packers at Vikings | Game Preview

Packers.com writers Mike Spofford & Wes Hodkiewicz preview Monday's matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings.

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canadian patriot

Go packers go!! This is going to be an epic game. I can feel it in my nughets🧀👍

cliff luebke

wes, the hairdo . c’mon man. style it up

Paula S.

Great preview, Mike & Wes! It was also fun to see Jamaal Williams dancing behind you, as well as some of the other Packers warming up. Go Pack Go!!!

Nick Etten

Shut down that run and let Jaire and Kevin steal some passes, I.e. possessions

Katie Han

Go Pack Go!
I’m already getting nervous

darkthunder 16

I’m super anxious I want the game to start nowwww

Abraham Djesus

My packers gotta start fast..and hopefully hold on 🤪😂🙏 let’s GPG!!!

Melanie Gilg

Go pack go packers 33- Vikings 20

Hector Rodriguez

The Packers defense need a wake up and smell the coffee to stop Kirk cousins and Vikings running backs this is packers time

Daniel Seliger

Swag Daddy Cuttin Rugs



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