Rik Bhagwan

How are the Bengals not in the top 10????? What a joke…..

    Mark Shvedchikov

    I ment to say joking or searious lol

    Eidorian Hojji

    Ikr jeez

    Jumbo Shrimp

    Mark Shvedchikov r/woosh


    Rik Bhagwan ikr coach got a Gatorade shower after 1 win. Bill gets it for a Sb lol

    Ian Finegan

    Bengals should be #1 Bengals beat Jets , Jets beat Raiders , Raiders beat Colts, Colts beat Chiefs, Chiefs beat Ravens 😂 😂 Fr ima Ravens fan tho 🖤💜


How is the jaguars the worst team in the league with 4 wins?


    @Nolan VanTol texans titans colts are good but i agree with bucs and chargers

    Ian Finegan

    lwvyjb based off of how well teams play



    Ian Malcolm



    yeah the Bengals, Dolphins, and Jets would beat them right now. I do think the Giants are worse

k lol

Let me guess the cowboys sneak into the top 10 and are SB contenders after the loss to the bears.

    Fabulous Fagan Five Aaron Andrew and Ashlyn

    k lol nope 16 place

    aaron berhane

    k lol sad there a 4th seed

Some one

This is how many people think the rankings are bad this week.

    Benjamin Ehrlich

    Blackthorn 461 they a playoff team but they aren’t in the playoffs right now

    Edit: wrong guy oops I meant Billy Jean

    steeleru7 Burgh

    The rankings are based on which team is the flavor of the week.

    Benjamin Ehrlich

    Blackthorn 461 yeah I do think they are gonna make the playoffs cause they on fire but right now they aren’t

    Bigfoot Is Real

    @Benjamin Ehrlich Titans had a good place

    Cj Marugg

    me the Bengals should be last the Jags should be like hight 20s

Blackthorn 461

1. Why did the eagles go up 6 places for almost losing to the giants?

2. I know the jaguars are bad, but last place?

3. The saints should be higher than the Seahawks.

Edit: 4. I also feel like the bills should be ahead of the Texans. They put up a fight against the number 1 team while the Texans got destroyed by the broncos.

    Ocean Man Animations

    Nicolas Gendreau i know but still it’s the giants

    aman k

    Rams didn’t move and got a big win hawks still up there too

    k lol

    My guess is that the eagles have beat .500+ teams while the cowboys have lost to all of them while mostly being healthy.

    Tyler McConnell

    The Jags have been playing like the worst team in the league the last five weeks. They gotta completely clean house. Marrone, Coughlin, Caldwell and Wash all gotta go.

    EG HawKs12

    @Blackthorn 461 Let’s not forget the Saints got destroyed by the Falcons so your logic makes 0 sense lol


These are the most bold and idiotic rankings I’ve ever seen


The have to be the worst rankings I have ever seen

I Exist.

The Broncos should replace the Eagles in the rankings on the thumbnail

    Blackthorn 461

    lit Master davis then explain to me how they just completed destroyed the Texans while the Texans were at home

    That Guy Donny

    Blackthorn 461 they have a young athletic QB now that’s why, Allen was a backup at best and Flaccos time in the NFL has been over for a long time.

    jarhead mstr

    That Guy Donny ya but there doing great they should be higher but let’s not hype them up to fast

    I Exist.

    Sorry I meant the thumbnail

    why dalukaton

    @Blackthorn 461 any given sunday


Let’s be honest when we heard nick foles was going to be a jag we thought they were easy playoff contenders


    that team has so much going wrong with it, Foles or not, the defense has been butchered far to much its half the talent it was and horrible poor play calls by Doug Marrone. its event that the problem is Tom and Doug. time for them to go before that team gets further demolished and has zero talent.

    Maddengod Oof69

    JayPlayzFTW no tf🤡😂

    Max Power

    I’m sorry but Nick VOLES has me screaming


    JayPlayzFTW you think like the bums in that front office, dudes a backup


    I fixed it to foles

Jake Land

How are the texans higher then the bills?

    a singular corn chip

    Jake Land y’all gonna be gone on sunday when you lose to my steelers

    Braden Hudson

    @DrBirday The Texans beat Pat’s Titans beat chefis Bill’s best win is Cowboys and bills lost to the browns

    Frantz Lenin


    Name one good team the Bills have beaten, I’ll wait…you don’t get points for losing at home buddy lmfao. Your QB is trash, you’re not going anywhere with him unless he gets a lot better.

    I watch Hentai Everyday with Senpai

    Your team hasn’t even beat a decent team yet

    Mason_Baller Videos

    Facts facts facts


The Bengals lose, they go up 2. The Jags are last? Umm

    Bigfoot Is Real

    Lol, why shouldn’t the Jags be last?


    @Bigfoot Is Realum because they have 3 more wins than the bengals


    There are 6 teams who have a worse record then them

    Bigfoot Is Real

    @ChroMe_Mystic Jaguars are the worst team RIGHT NOW

    why dalukaton

    @ChroMe_Mystic Buddy this is the POWER rankings not RECORD rankings. If the power rankings were just based on records, there would be literally no point in these power rankings because people could just look at the standings to determine what team is better.

Paweł Petek

Cowboys: *loses third game in a row* Moves 2 places down
Eagles: *wins one game* Moves 6 places up

*_seems legit_*

    Paweł Petek

    @angel garcia
    I meant if they go down, then they get worse place mate 🙂

    Clorox Bleach

    Paweł Petek Cowgirls suck

    angel garcia

    Paweł Petek yeah that’s common sense. 😶 the comment is saying the opposite. I don’t think you understands what’s going on. What do you mean by “seems legit”?

    connor scott

    Paweł Petek yes because the cowboys suck

LightningStorm YT

C’mon now the jaguars are terrible but 32? Worst than the Jets or Bengals or even dolphins 😂😂


    Jets are actually decent now.

    Justin The man

    Jets aren’t decent they just don’t know how to tank

    JSRTheTigerWhisperer YT

    Lil’ Spoon: Yes, but the Jags also beat the Jets and the Jets lost to the Bengals and the Dolphins

    Doughnut: Your a New York fan aren’t you 🤙 (Mets pitcher as profile pic)

    Btw this is coming from a Jets fan 👍🏻😉

    john smith

    I think its a fair assessment- A Titans Fan =)


    all of those three only better than giants


As a Seahawks fan saints should be ahead of us

    Blaze 6712

    meanwhile watching thr rankings, I was thinking we would be 5th

    Bashir White

    Wow we haven’t had a loss since the ravens game,while the saints were really finding themselves since brees came in.No seattle is in the right spot

    Mason_Baller Videos


    Mason_Baller Videos

    @Bashir White y’all lost the other day so your statement is invalid

Trinh Russell

Jags: Falls down 8 spots after losing

Bengals: Goes up 2 spots after losing

Seems really legit…

    Alex 51

    Trinh Russell how did the cardinals lose and go up a spot

    steeleru7 Burgh


    aman k

    Trinh Russell jags have no effort cincy should be 31

    Julian Nutter

    Nick Johnson thank youuu

Jacob Cupcake

Guys I have a giants joke

Wait I forgot the second half yesterday

    Mehin Pandya

    Yo what’s up

    Brennan H

    aaron berhane we didint ask lol

    Justin The man

    I’m a Giants fan pat shumur is a bum

    Mjkhh _

    Hey guys, I have an unoriginal joke!

    Just scroll up to see it!

Tennessee Titans

Top 10 that’s what I’m talking about

Caleb Lloyd

The best highlight of the Raiders was Tannehill decking him lol

Rain Greschler

Imagine actually lowering the bills ranking for having a close game with the ravens.

    Justin Is a Beast

    and they were lower than the titans and the texans smh

Matt From Wii Sports

Niner empire who dat? We dat!

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