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Matt LaFleur remains focused on ‘going 1-0’

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur has not allowed the potential of securing a playoff bye distract from preparing for the home matchup against the Chicago Bears.

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Ult Ult

Packers are awesome

Packer Power

Let’s beat the Bears and get help from the Cowboys who need to beat the Rams.

    Kevin Peel

    Why are we concerned about the rams🤔🤔

    Jacob Gomez

    Kevin Peel pretty simple because they are a nfc team that are fairly close getting a wild card spot and only 2 teams can get a wild card spot and say we lose this game and face the vikings and lose we are in wild card barely


    @Kevin Peel If we win and the Rams lose the Packers clinch a playoff spot.


    If what you’re asking is “why is that?” then here it is, the Packers are 10-3, the Rams are 8-5, with 3 games to go, and the Rams would own the tiebreaker. So however unlikely, it’s possible the Rams could overtake the Packers, and that’s why a win and a Rams loss officially puts the Packers in the Playoffs, which would be nice.


    @BrettGB Packers are trash. Bears will beat them easy


I surprised he doesn’t just walk away, the reporters are so annoying and accusatory.

    zingram Ingram

    Colaws for real, I don’t know if all reporters are like this, but the packers reporters (not all of them) are annoying

    Zachary Schiefelbein

    Colaws the sky is falling because we’re…. oh wait we’re 10-3 the sky is not falling. Just a very pessimistic fan base

Silver Neos

This is a week off a win, yes there should be reflection, but there should also be cheer that we are much better this year and have so much ahead of us to be excited about. Go Pack!

Zachary Schiefelbein

If Aaron makes 2 throws he usually makes that’s a 30 or 34 point performance. He also missed another throw to a wide open Lizard on a skinny post on a 1st and 15. Just gotta execute down the stretch here. Go Pack!


    Rodgers is trash


Packers will lose remaining games…

    Random Blitz

    BM32 Lol you really think the bears have a chance of the playoffs 😂 you probably believe in the tooth fairy too huh kid?

    Blake Noeske

    Hopefully you guys let Matt “I’m not an idiot” Nagy, Ryan Pace, and Mitch Trubisky stay for a long time.


    @Blake Noeske When Rodgers leaves it’s over for you losers. No more lucking up with these QBs.


Beat Those Bears.

Bridewize Interntl - Pride and Humility Project

Here’s a thought for beating the Bears, Vikings, Lions down the stretch……SIGN DEZ BRYANT! Seriously there is no downside. He would take pressure off of D Adams, he is a bigtime veteran, has humbled himself to playing a “secondary” reciever role, will come cheap, and still has GREAT hands!
The definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again. This team over and over again this season has displayed it’s need for recieving help. What have they done to fix it? Nothing! Insanity! BRING IN HELP, BRING IN DEZ BRYANT!

    Peter Mueller


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