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Every Team’s Best Play of Week 14!

Every Team's Best Play of Week 14 from the 2019 NFL Season.

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Harshith Amaram Reply


Luke Lee Reply


David Wynn Reply

Tom Brady slid and made the highlight reel? Really?

    Jd123tx Reply

    David Wynn a 42 outrunning defenders is kinda funny

    Navon Myhand Reply

    @Jd123tx and then he gets back up super hype like he’s actually 24

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    A QB who could probably get outrun by many high schoolers ran for like 20 yards

Nate Stout Reply

Mike Williams seems to make a great catch every game.

Shiryuzaki23 Reply

Tannehill have 2 highlights in this video


    G1nger519 Reply

    So does Jameis Winston lol

Christopher Scipio Reply

They could have used any completion reception for the Eagles best play.

    FBI Reply

    That was and ot game winner

    musixand6aming Reply

    Christopher Scipio I think it should have been Arcega Whitesides catch

Cortez Reply

Mitch’s run is what we’ve been waiting for all year.

    aaron berhane Reply

    Cortez lol

    Hanna Naegeli Reply

    Said no one ever 😂

    Natearl13 Reply

    Cortez Lmao “run”

Count Blumiere Reply

How is the Chiefs block in the end zone their best play? I can think of at least 3 plays that were much better than that.

EDIT: This title said “best” plays, not most important plays. If it was most important, this should be up there, but it certainly wasn’t the best.

    Arc. Reply

    It was an incredible defensive play and it saved the game

    Jake Minder Reply

    That literally saved the game. It wasn’t flashy but we got the W cuz of that.

    YoseMiteEmery Reply

    It won them the game?

aaron berhane Reply

Diggs pick 6 should of been up there

Cooper Mills Reply

4:50 What a tackle by Tannehill.

    Spartan99 Reply

    i was like ”am i the only one who thought this”

    Big Daddy Reply

    Spartan99 oh my god, a tackle is a tackle, theres no good tackle and theres no bad tackle, you hit someone diving and with your shoulder, nothing different, i hit the same way a safety does and im a lineman

bruce lau Reply

Damn that Tom Brady slid , made the top play for the Patriots ?

jared wilkins Reply

Came for kittle, not disappointed

Sean N Reply

What a difference a week makes:
Week 13: Texans beat #1 seed Patriots.

Week 14: Not-even-in-playoff-contention Broncos demolish Texans.

    That Guy Donny Reply

    Sean N the broncos are in playoff contention if every team loses out lmao

Erik Stensaas Reply

Not the Jones play that I read thinking for GB but ok

Kevrokk Kills Reply

“lAmAr CaNt ThRoW”

Peter K. Rosenthal Reply

How did I know Kittle running around with Saints players dangling from his face mask would be in here?

Chairman Meow Reply

patriots are CHEATERS

Ronaldeddy Reply

Quandre Diggs has a 55 yard pick 6…

RustyTinCanMan yt Reply

it should’ve been the pick by lewis for cowboys

Mathew Schaff Reply

Quandre Diggs’ pick six should’ve been the Seahawks highlight for this video….

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