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Carson Wentz Leads OT Comeback! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Sorry, Eli, Carson got the better him by throwing for 325 yards and 2 touchdowns. The New York Giants take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Matteo Montiel Reply

First view dude let’s go

Bro Era Reply

People so quick to disrespect Wentz. He did this with 1 healthy receiver idc how bad the team is that’s top dog stuff!

    Chowdz zz Reply

    Jerry Junior stop watching football you know nothing

    Carv. Willypick79 Reply

    @Blazing Encryption the eagles have won 4

    jaiveer d Reply

    Bro Era going into overtime game with a 2 win team that’s not top dog stuff stop making excuses wentz is overrated

    Yo Kolbee Reply


    Rakeem SW Reply

    jaiveer d do you understand football? No Alshon, no desean, no agholor, no Howard, no sproles, no johnson … yet he still threw for 325 yards 2tds 0ints … let’s not forget that he finished the game with 1 healthy wr & he was from the practice squad. This was definitely “top dog” stuff

Iron Man Reply

Lmao why the eagles take that long they at home they should be dominating mfs

    Dr. Phil-a- bag-and-flip-it Reply

    Iron Man injuries killed them. Had 1 healthy wr at the end of the game.

    RainMakerX Reply

    offense is trash/hurt

    Harold Santiago Reply

    Who cares at least we won

    BigBlueSquad Reply

    one thing hard in my life is to stop watching this NationalFixedLeague

TheAceofBricks Reply

That TD won me my fantasy game! Go Carson!

    600Dozy Reply

    TheAceofBricks congrats

    Huaj Thaib Liab Reply


    timmyboy_ 24 Reply

    Same lol

PuppyTube Reply

Wentz was far from perfect, but there were a lot of dropped passes. Glad he made a comeback to boost his confidence. Eli was scary tonight too. Never count him out.

    William Beer Reply

    PuppyTube drops aren’t his fault

Boneless Pizza Reply

Everyone bashing Wentz yet don’t realize that the offense’s injuries were:
WR1, WR2, WR3, RB1, RB2, RB3, RB4, RT.
Not to mention that he has a mentally handicapped offensive coordinator.

    Huaj Thaib Liab Reply

    @northdakota momma like sucking Foles and Wentz balls

    Ricardo Hotboy Reply

    G M G Wentz sucks 💯💯

    DarkKirby14 Reply

    julio guzman Foles got benched for White Goodman from Dodgeball and Mariota looks like a bust

    Sumting Wong Reply

    @julio guzman lol foles is actually really bad in Jacksonville. Foles is great when he’s tge underdog, the second option, when he has something the prove. The moment he gets the 1st spot, he sucks.

Casey The Crocodile Reply

Say what you want about Wentz, but he got it done in the end when it mattered the most. He was clutch when he had only one wide receiver, Zach Ertz and the practice squad. Sure he wasn’t perfect but winning is winning and won he did

    Huaj Thaib Liab Reply


    iDrip2 22 Reply

    @Huaj Thaib Liab Your just another troll

    ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

    Casey The Crocodile GIANTS

    Kaden Kirkpatrick Reply

    Why you say this like a fairytale

Young Dagger Reply

(Giants Defense)

Elyjah Reply

Eagles got a well deserved win they were down 14 at halftime

    ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

    Elyjah GIANTS

    jaiveer d Reply

    Elyjah going to overtime with a 2 win team is not a deserved win

philly_ sports Reply

Max Kellerman punching the air right now

    Glaze4K Reply

    Bruh it was the 2-10 Giants

    Jvstobandzz Reply

    He’s still gonna find a way to blame Wentz for something tho. He just hates Wentz 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Chowdz zz Reply

    Glaze4K Eagles never blow out the giants

    philly_ sports Reply

    Eagles are 10-1 in their last 11 games against the Giants. The Giants are Eagles’ property.

johnstjohn1987 Reply

Giants Gameplan….Don’t pay attention to Ertz.

Matii Slay Reply

Wentz is elite

    T Dillinger Reply


    ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

    Matii Slay that clown is trash

    L_LKoolKid Reply

    He is, just all of his weapons are injured and or trash

    Skullknight Reply

    Woah there

    Carv. Willypick79 Reply


RONIN77 Reply

OH NO! EDP445 is gonna be so mad at this! lol 😂

WutTheDeuce Reply

Glad I decided to stop watching the Eagles games. I woulda turned this off when they trailed 17-3. This team is so disappointing, these clips are all I can handle at this point.

Mighty Drew Young Reply

If they play back yard football philly can make the post season

Derek Bakowski Reply

8 dropped tds this season now. wentz should have 30 tds and 7 ints. these casuals have no idea how bad our wrs have been and the injuries. look at the wrs qbs have and compare them to the eagles. bucs have evans and godwin. saints have thomas. Wilson has lockett and metcalf. before that baldwin and lockett. rodgers has adams. peyton manning played with harrison wayne and clark with colts then with the broncos he has thomas welker and decker. mahomes has hill watkins hardman and kelce. goff has woods and cooks. etc i could go on and on. yall are clueless and wentz is a beast for what hes done with ertz and bums all year. jeffrey has never been a number 1 receiver. hes also been injured all season missing games and playing badly hurt. hes slow and aghalor is um the worst starting wr in the league. he threw to ward from the practice squad and jj arcega whiteside a second round rookie who they just started giving snaps to a week or two ago. i know we have a great qb and when he gets legit wrs everyone gonna be looking real dumb hating on my qb. whoever wants to keep bashing wentz should do some research. give wentz what baker or mahomes has at wr and he would be in the mvp race without question

    Yo Kolbee Reply

    Derek Bakowski i love wentz

    Yo Kolbee Reply

    Derek Bakowski and im a Steelers fan… you guys have a franchise qb and he is elite no matter what…. all you guys need is a good WR core and you guys are good

    Mo Buckets Reply

    Derek Trade for Evans & draft a stud because this wide receivers class is super deep & we need cornerbacks as well…Wentz isn’t the problem mike groh is 🗑 🔥 by his own daddy at Uva that should tell you something…. Your Steelers my darkhorse afc team because of that not good but great Pittsburgh defense Mike Tomlin my leader for COTY running away if yall finish with 10 wins its a wrap he’s doing a unbelievable this year.

    Suttero Reply

    @Mark Mattiacci i really would

    Suttero Reply

    @Mo Buckets didnt know dak plays defense too

kou moua Reply

Where all those nick foles lovers and wentz haters and blamers ???? 🤔 🤔 Wentz hasn’t been perfect but he showed up tonight. Yea that’s what I thought.

    Dankbuds Reply

    kou moua 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Chowdz zz Reply

    Dankbuds he had 0 receivers. Where’s nick Foles BENCHED

    Dankbuds Reply

    Chowdz zz u can show love to wentz without hating on nick if you know football ( ik u dont ) u would know Jacksonville has maybe the worst o line in football a non athletic qb has no chance with that line. You should start watching football if ur gonna comment on football videos 😂 bandwagon clown

Bryant Pae Reply

Wentz is playing with his 4th, 5th, and 6th string receivers and playing clean football, he deserves more love

Klyntar Kenny Reply

Nice…now Imagine how this would’ve went down if they had “Foles”

    philly_ sports Reply

    You mean the guy who got benched on one of the worst teams in the league? Yeah. No thanks.

H S Reply

The Eagles aren’t good enough to go on a run, time to tank and re-up for next year in the draft. Also, fire Mike Groh. New Offensive Coordinator, new QB coach, ASAP!

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