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Yay! Me first.

Sports 311

The 49ers-Saints matchup was the game of the week by FAR

    Peacetothehaters (Remix)

    GAMER KID nope

    Nick Mungo

    If you like zero defense

    L G R W

    Jets dolphins was the game of the year, i like fgs and incomplete passes

    JP_ 4G

    Nick Mungo both had defense, it was just a good offense execution of both teams.


    GAMER KID game of the year was seahawks and 49ers

Homies Bruh

I have a good idea. Do every sack from week 14!

    L G R W

    I have a better one every punt!

pedro pedro

Where my steelers fan at

    Ethan Yee

    pedro pedro here

    L G R W

    Steelers going down to bills and we are doming for your spot 😈or maybe we’ll just knock the Texans out and they will take your spot.

    MrFunez Productions


    pedro pedro

    @L G R W we’ll see sunday night buddy

Gus Y

Even as a Viking fan it’s fun to watch the bears score so much on the cowboys, y’all still dem boys?

George Harry


Richard love


NickGoes 2021

Where’s N’keal Harry’s TD?

    Ace Spadez

    NickGoes 2021 sad to see one of the best TDs of the week not get called, not only would it have been the nicest TD but it was the rookie that could have saved the game smh

    Randy bobandy

    NickGoes 2021 get over it you still had a lot of time left

Robert Heath

Where nkeal’s

    Victor Pouesi

    Robert Heath 😂😂

Joshua Ivery

At least the bears got that win


Saints vs Niners was game of the year no doubt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Seahawks vs 49ers was the game of the year

    Noah Robson

    @TylerGaming567 lmfao no

    Donald Pace

    Not even

Ace Spadez

They forgot N’keal Harry’s game-saving touchdown… oh nevermind cause the refs didn’t call it 😡😡😡

    Ethan Zawisza

    Patriots fans complaining about officials is unbelievably steeped in irony

    Oliver McCall

    @Ethan Zawisza But also completely justified

    Karo French

    @Oliver McCall Pats get good calls all the time.

    Randy bobandy

    Ace Spadez get over it you guys still had a lot of time left

    Will Morton

    That was justice for Myles Jack not being down

uh Extendo

Mike Evans hamstring TD🔥


Cowboys are “Americas” team because America loves when they lose

    Craig king

    That was the most perfect quote I’ve seen

    Saad Syed

    They’re America’s team because everyone hates or likes them. Everyone has an opinion

    But as a Cowboys fan I honestly hate that title

    Bay Area sports fan

    Saad Syed well said coming from niners fan

    Oliver McCall

    @Saad Syed What if you just don’t mind them

Key Himself

Terry Mclaurin 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Camod9 1

Half the touchdowns 49ers and saints

Steven Conrad

Just checking if y’all still dem boys

Zach Harrington

I feel as the Emanuel sanders touchdown was PI

    King Carlo

    Yeah no one cares about your feelings

Jeff Tilghman

I wish there was a video like this every week. If there is, I’ve been uninformed and missing out.

    Karo French

    There is

Moe Staccs

Mike Evan’s I wish he played for the Patriots he’d be a all time great

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