Giants vs. Eagles Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Steve Perez Reply

Scott is reminding me of a young sproles

    pat mccrotch Reply

    I’m an eagles fan, and I get the excitement, but it’s one game. Sproles is a h.o.f in my opinion. Scott had a nice game, but chances are Doug won’t even call his number but once or twice next game. I’m not saying don’t be excited, I’m just sayin.. remember Bobby Hoying? Go eagles!

    ProsperKY Reply

    Is it bc he is small, fast and black?

    pat mccrotch Reply

    @ProsperKY Haha you said it not me

    R McElhaney Reply

    Scott deserves more playing time. If he keeps this up, Boston Scott #35 Eagles jerseys will be selling like hotcakes.

George Hugh Reply

Eagles: _”Ok, we’re just gonna keep doing this little screen to Boston ’til the Giants catch on.”_
_”Huh. Game over. How ’bout that?”_

    Pat Arn Reply

    It was like playing Madden 😂

    James Calder Reply

    Giants “They’ve done a running back screen, 8 times so far but there is no way they are gonna do it again”

    juststained Reply

    Talk about not being able to adjust lol Terrible coaching by the Giants.

    R McElhaney Reply

    Boston Scott was a key reason why the Eagles were able to come back.

    knight6 Reply

    @R McElhaney yup, also TE Josh Perkins coming in when Alshon Jeffrey got hurt. He played well in the slot and helped out blocking for those screens and runs.

Peters6221 Reply

Wtf they didn’t put the game-winning play in the highlights:

The OT coin flip

    Euan Latimer Reply

    Some teams don’t mind losing the toss, because their defence isn’t hot garbage

    Tony Closse Reply

    well OT coin toss wins aren’t game-winning plays anymore. You need a touch down to win as sudden death, not just a field goal, and both teams had tons of 3 and out drives that game, so it was by no means set in stone that whoever had the ball first would win

    Rogue Shaddo Reply

    Giants didn’t score in the entire second half. What makes you think they would have in OT?

NikoSakii Reply

Who else an eagles fan and almost had a heart attack

    Ivan Celedonio Reply

    Kung fu Kenny you guys won’t cause every time the eagles meet the giants the eagles won

    Will Morgen Reply


    Contumacous Ant Reply

    Me and my dad I can’t believe we almost lost to Eli

    Scurry Reply


    Itz Luke Reply


ZeiN Cloud Reply

“They had us in the first half”

    MarloSoBalJr Reply

    More first half + a half of a half

    KrakenKratos Reply

    Yea but not a very good win

    ZeiN Cloud Reply

    KrakenKratos doesn’t matter wins a win

    Mikko Filio Reply

    These boomers doesn’t know this meme …

    ZeiN Cloud Reply

    Mikko Filio fax, it’s sad

Booker Reply

Eagles: You want the Win

Giants: Na fam I’ll take chance young

Eagles: Aight

    TrashPanda - Reply

    Giants are dead set on rebuilding through the best players in the draft for the next few years.

    Richard Pilhofer Reply

    DAMN STRAIGHT SON, thank you Eagles for helping us get Chase Young!

    Bent Ice Reply

    Richard Pilhofer the bungles giving you a run for your money.


    Whatever help giant fans sleep at night

ezra spencer Reply

Wentz is better in the uptempo offense, period.

    Marquis Finney Reply

    Cool_T_215 that’s because to often Nelson and Alshon don’t or drop passes

    Morrow45105 Reply

    Cool_T_215 false. Since you’re obviously blind….Pederson admitted he cuts the field in half for him so he only has to read half a field. Pederson also said they have to tell him where he’s supposed to go with the ball lol he’s a joke

    Morrow45105 Reply

    Marquis Finney Eagles are 11th in dropped passes. Patriots are 4th. Do you see Brady shitting the field? No. Bradford actually had the league leading drops in Philly and still broke franchise records with miles Austin and Riley Cooper and you “fans” said no excuses. He’s supposed to make everyone around him better! Blah blah blah. Hypocrites

    ezra spencer Reply

    @Morrow45105 welp he followed directions last

    Morrow45105 Reply

    ezra spencer for 1 1/2 quarters he did lol

parkour master Reply

Giants up 17-3 in the 1st half:

Pat Shurmur be like “Alright guys were trying to get Chase Young now”

    Enter Zync Reply

    Nicholas Stef where do you see he got fired?

    Christopher Lampkin Reply

    @Nicholas Stef straight up dam, so who do you think will be the interim coach.

    Jee Vang Reply


    Todd D Reply

    He be like.

    Jugert Isufi Reply

    Yea chase young is gonna fix this team

Turts345 Reply

Eagles got to the fourth quarter and said “let’s at least try for the division” lmaoooo

    Naz Plays Reply

    Erik Lerström season

    Deliberate Contrarian Reply

    @1,000 Subs With No Videos Malcolm Jenkins 10th season, Rodney McLeod 7th, Jalen Mills 4th, Sydney Jones 3rd, Rasul Douglas 3rd, Avante Maddox 2nd, Craig James rookie. Yeah, they do suck, but it is not because they are rookies.

    knight6 Reply

    @Erik Lerström Eagles probably should have played these guys more earlier in this season. WR Greg Ward Jr was on the practice squad and used to be a QB before being a WR. He should stay on the active roster for a while. RB Boston Scott was also on the practice squad though he had played in more games this season. He had a few fumbles during returns but it’s great that he has become what the Eagles wanted to do with Darren Sproles this year. Last but not least, TE Josh Perkins made plays. It is good that the Eagles activated him as the 3rd TE and he is versatile to line up in the slot, outside, and inline. Not a bad blocker as well so he came in handy as the Eagles only dressed 3 WRs for the game and Alshon Jeffery got hurt.

    knight6 Reply

    @Deliberate Contrarian Sydney Jones made a huge play for his only snap of the game. Batting the pass down on 3rd down was a key moment.

    TheAlmightyClipse Reply

    Oh well! Fucc it! A win is a win, gotta take ’em, where you can get ’em. Go Eagles!

Eric Tejada Reply

Eli Manning in the first half: “I think I got my swagger back, huuuuuuuua huuuuuuua”

    NeF Park Reply

    Dead lmao

    MLP Shawn Reply

    lmaooooo bruh i cant with you!!!

    Sabda Kristian Reply


C G Reply

Them OT playcalls by Doug been M.I.A WHOLE DAMN SEASON.

    Meagan Blakeley Reply


Shaz Widhani Reply

The entire nfc east should be removed from playoff contention

    Goku Black Reply


    Reuben from Stitch Reply


    Solenya Reply

    Winner of each division goes to playoffs. A 7-9 team went to the playoffs and won the wildcard round who knows what the Saints wouldve if it wasnt for beast mode

    Edward Gaines Reply

    That bad, huh?

    Bent Ice Reply

    Solenya its just a joke he knows that

Cj Charles Reply

“eat that W philly”
Idk why but I felt that

    TheAlmightyClipse Reply

    HARD OUT! and hearing the crowd roar at the end! That’s goosebump inducing type sh¡t

    Scurry Reply

    eh game, at least we won…


Did the eagles just wait till OT to open there play book?

    Isaiah Davis Reply


SeahawkDon 12 Reply

Eagles remembered that they could still make the playoffs after half time

Javier Rodriguez Reply

Eli: How often are you guys gonna leave Slayton wide open?

Eagles corners: Yes

    Colin Karetsky Reply

    Most underrated comment

    David Valentine Reply

    Javier Rodriguez how they gonna leave the best TE in football open lol

    410_ybt_tyonn Reply

    David Valentine neither of those teams have the best tight end

Mr. Y Reply

Leading by 14 going to the half.

Gaints: Did we win?

    rangers94ism Reply

    No, good then we get a better pick.

Retro radio Reply

Giants defence only look at Tight Ends when they’re out clubbing

    Kendrick Newman-Murrell Reply


    Victor Cordero Reply


Justin Reply

Giants after first half: we dont know who saquon is

    XBC Video Reply

    That NFL player commented ok boomer under my video wtf

tony Gunk Reply

Eagles: how much tight ends do you want?

Doug Peterson: yes

    Ajmer Cox Reply

    Lmao yeooo

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