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Rachel Zhang

honestly no one deserves to win nfc east

    Hugh Jass

    @Ayman r/whooosh


    lmao good one


    The problem with competitive sports is that someone is guaranteed to win.

    Nate Stout


    Nate Stout

    @Ayman It is a joke

Cade Tidwell

Titans make the thumbnail again🤩

    Evil Duck

    Lol the Raiders did to

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Since my cardinals are out, I’m rooting for the titans

Jay Stiles

Kittle play better be #1 that’s all I know

Jared Tate

3:10 big brain

    I watch Hentai Everyday with Senpai

    Big brain move

    Bobby Johnson

    My mans could be a backup QB just for handoffs

Super Tommy

No Sanders to Mostert?


    Sanders did the same thing last year to Courtland Sutton. Nothing new here


    was about to comment that

    AG Ender

    They couldn’t give SF 3 spots…lol


    AG Ender nah they can

    SuperMessi G.O.A.T

    Beau so it was still a great play

Big Blue Squad

Slayton is a 5th round steal. Like Stefon Diggs was


    Big Blue Squad kittle was a fifth rounder too

Sully N.

How tf is Lamars little flip throw at #4, he was 2 yards away and the guy almost dropped it

    Josh Kupshik

    E1iteChaos if that was Lamar it would be everywhere

    BipolarTacosGaming 347

    Evil Duck quit*

    Mark Adams

    You guys realized passes like that are always in the top 15 rankings. Think about last year, every time mahomes or Rodgers passed the ball that way it was a highlight.

    Mark Adams

    Then for some reason this league believes a caught dropped pass is a highlight lol. Bobbled pass or whatever, but two them this is two highlights in one

    Damien Marquez

    @BipolarTacosGaming 347 OMG someone with a brain


Yes a impossible throw while being hit dropping a dime then aj brown breaks the takle and goes 91 yards dosent make number one


    Advanced_Lime better yet, fast dude that plays for the ravens tosses the ball 4 yards and is somehow ranked better than the 91 YARD touchdown

    Zachary Luedke

    Advanced_Lime you gotta admit the little catch and run was amazing it set up the game winning field goal

Hector Rodriguez

The Giants blew a 17-3 lead

    Jamgram Corkster

    Well the Redskins blew a 17-0 lead! Take that!

    Tyler Burbeck

    Someone blew a 20-0 to Vikings ik this and im a 49ner fan lol


    Tyler Burbeck Broncos did

Larry Legend is a GOAT

Is #12 supposed to be a highlight for the interception or tackle

    ihza riyanto

    Is that even a question?

    Tackle obviously

    TnZeder stovall


Gold Rush

Wow so they really left out the Sanders pass to Mostert

Richard love

Missed titans fumble recovery return to touchdown

    Jacob Wise

    That’s true, that was a fire play

Adhy Nugroho

Kittle dragging defenders clinging to his facemask for 20 yards looks so badass everytime I see it.

Roo Mueller

I can think of a atleast 10 plays better than the ravens at #4 that didnt even make the list


    Well, what do you expect? The nfl makes the ravens so overrated


    Illiterate-Nob eh they’re not overrated, but they have a lot of heat on them so the nfl wants to capitalize on it

Hypr Jay

That hit from Tannehill after the interception tho! That’s a big guy to be tackling too! 0:52

    Lites Out0_o

    Exactly lmaoooo he got whacked

    Mark Adams

    To me that was the highlight of that play

Yo San

0:00 #15 Eli Manning td pass
0:11 #14 Brown’s Landry moves
0:29 #13 Chargers Td pass
0:42 #12 Tannehill int. and tackle
1:02 #11 Brady trick td pass
1:13 #10 Matt Ryan td pass
1:29 #9 9ers Jimmy to Sanders td
1:50 #8 Colts Leonard pick 6
2:06 #7 Chiefs td pass
2:20 #6 Steeles punt return td
2:37 #5 Tannehill 91yrd td pass
2:51 #4 Raven’s Lammar td pass
3:04 #3 Bronco’s td from fumble
3:26 #2 Skins acrobat td catch
3:39 #1 You know… George Kittle

Bigmike ee

terry mclaurin’s catch was nasty AF 🔥

Johnny Blazin

0:52 didn’t even finish the video, but Tannehill’s tackle should be higher


    I think it was for the pick.


    both dope


kittles run was great and all, i love the niners but i was expecting to see the play where jimmy g hands it off to deebo and he tosses it to emmanuel sanders and then he throws it under hard pressure and on his back foot like 50 yards to raheem mostert for a td


Weird that Emmanuel Sanders’ TD from the Niners’ trick play isn’t on here.

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