Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Levi Findely

21-14 Dallas

BTW I’m first for once lmao 😂

GD Erickson


    Levi Findely

    GO PANTHERS btw they suck so never mind

Jo Lee

0-0 redskins


Go Skins

GD Erickson

merry christmas

Bay Area sports fan

12-13 Dallas

Sports predictions and Reactions and mobile gaming

Redskins 19 – Cowboys 13

    Jerry Junior

    Sports predictions and Reactions and mobile gaming troll

Aajish Marahatta

I’m a cowboys fan but what an end it would be for the Garrett era with a loss to the Redskins😂

    that's right

    And it would screw the Redskins at the same time. Very satisfying for a cowboys fan.


With the cowboys losing to the jets, I honestly they will disappoint everyone and lose to the Redskins at a home game lol. But Cowboys have a bigger chance of winning.

LukePlayz YT

Redskins 10
Cowboys 30

Cameron Briglin

Cowboys win 37-0

    Jerry Junior

    Cameron Briglin Would love a shutout win over Washington

    Jay Stiles

    You that confident about that score with dem boys?

    Zabun Nahar

    More like Cowboys 34 to 27

Johnnyy Bravoo

In the words of Stephen A for the Cowboys, no damn Playoffs and no damn Super Bowl! Enjoy your offseason!

    Saad Syed

    Johnnyy Bravoo we will enjoy our offseason. New head coach

    Johnnyy Bravoo

    Saad Syed Jason Garrett is fired immediately after this season!

    Saad Syed

    Johnnyy Bravoo that’s why I don’t even wanna go to the playoffs. The sooner the better!

Dead Presidents Jump

As a die hard skins fan, I want us to lose so we can keep the 2nd overall pick but then again i don’t want the cowboys to make the playoffs. The eagles gon beat the giants anyway 😂

Jay Stiles

Does this even matter if philly wins like my is 26-20

Young Wick TV

Yall should just tank this one out and get Garrett fired so you dont look like a clown in the playoffs

    J Jackson

    At this point it seems Garrett will be there even after Jerry’s gone.

javy's sports talk

Not going to watch the game watching the eagles vs giants

Alberto Ortiz

Eagles will lose

aaron rogers

I’m riding with my boys till the end GO Cowboys!!!!

robin baby

Redskins for the UPSET!
(no one play to lose)

Drafty Galaxy

Cowboys: 21
Skins: 14

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