Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ultimate cm


Ultimate cm


Andy Garcia


Carolina Pantoja


Summer Driscoll

Hello NFL!

Bay Area sports fan

100-0 Broncos
Lol jk

17-12 raiders

Cameron Briglin

Raiders win 27-24

Jay Stiles

Oakland win this game 19-16

Jerry Junior

Raiders 20
Broncos 13

Jose Perales

Raiders 27- 20 Broncos

Theo Keith Jones

Raiders will wins!!

Don Tran

17-14 broncos

Zwagger 19

Honestly as much as I hate the Raiders I love the rivalry 😂😂

Shafay Qaiser

Raiders are about to destroy

    Swagy Boi

    Don’t say that bro

    Zabun Nahar

    @Swagy Boi Broncos 33 Raiders 20

Big Daddy

Raiders goin to the playoffs, 24-16 Raiders

Big Daddy

The Broncos are just as bad as the Chargers, we beat them twice, time to beat the Broncos twice 24-16 Raiders

    Zabun Nahar

    The Broncos beat the chargers 2x as well

Hunter Davis

Broncos 30 raiders 14

wassup 12

Raiders aren’t winning in denver….drew lock has looked great…i got the broncos 23-17


Broncos couldve been in raiders position if we didnt lose to the chiefs SMH

Kevin J

Easy W for the Raiders.


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