Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Packers 37
Lions 10

Packer Power

We will sweep the division and get the number one seed with a Saints loss and a Seahawks win.

    Graham Martin

    We don’t even need the saints to lose

    Escocivo 30

    All they need is the Niners to lose. To bad Seattle is badly hurt but Jimmy G hasn’t started in the playoffs and will be nervous and will find a way to lose

    Justin Nguyen

    Escocivo 30 they added Marshawn Lynch and Clowney expected to be back

    aaron berhane

    Graham Martin exactly we just need the Seahawks to win


Packers 36
Lions 14

Torvak Mendelek

Go Pack Go

Patriots 4life

Packers win 35-11


    The same score from the 2017 season i see you

    aaron berhane

    Patriots 4life I see you

Bay Area sports fan

30-17 packers

Jorge Feliciano

Go pack go

Escocivo 30

It’s the Lions…. Packers getting 1st round bye.

Packers 33
Lions 13

    GD Erickson

    im a packers fan

    William Wright

    GD Erickson 👏


Packers win this. Especially after how their defense played against the Vikings.

Christopher Kopke

Most Lions fans will be watching Redskins vs Cowboys rooting for Washington so that way Chase Young will be coming to Detroit

    wilo farah


    aaron berhane

    exactly no ones talking about how the Lions will get a top 5 pick in the draft

    Christopher Kopke

    aaron berhane If the Lions do get stuck with the number three overall pick they could consider trading it to a team that needs a quarterback. Not only get another first round pick but could get a new talented player

Cameron Briglin

Packers win 31-3

GD Erickson

24-3 packers

Jay Stiles

Packers got wins this game 32-16

mike ward

Aaron Jones is gonna have a 3 touchdown game

Gundam1313 NOLA DAWG

Lions 34

Packers 23

    aaron berhane

    You really think the Lions putting up 34 with a 3rd string QB? our defense is legit too

    Gundam1313 NOLA DAWG

    Yeah , any given Sunday

Marquis Robertson

Packers win 34 Lions 6


35-7 Packers

Jerry Junior

Packers 27
Lions 17

Tom Tendrock

86-0 Lions.

Chris Huesemann

The Packers will most likely win but……. the Packers will pull a classic end of the season move and completely drop the ball *literally* and lose the game.

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