Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Mr Corndog

Should be a competitive game as these two rivals have always had. Wouldnt be surprised to see danny dimes and the gmen have a good game. Go eagles!

Escocivo 30

Eagles will lose but the Cowboys will also lose.

Eagles 28
Giants 30

8-8 Division!

    Jerry Junior

    Escocivo 30 😄 screw Washington, they’re gonna get toasted.

LukePlayz YT

Eagles 27
Giants 23

Matthew Miller

Giant fans, looks like you guys may get to decide who wins the NFC East.

Jay Stiles

Philly just win and my score 30-16

Niki Fomai

Eagles 27 Giant 17

    Lucifer Morningstar

    Lol nah

Boop UwU

Lmao everyone’s doubting the eagles again just like last week. How did that turn out? #flyeaglesfly


Giants c’mon plz we all know y’all’s history with the Eagles and idk about the other Cowboys fans but I’m actually cool with the Giants #GoBlue I’m a Giants fan this week

    Josh Mena


    Drafty Galaxy

    Josh Mena nah go eagles


    I want them to lose not because Cowboys will get in, its actually because I can’t for the love of me stand Eagle fans

    Jonathan King

    Cam even though Desean Jacksons f*cking punt return is still fresh in my mind nah f*ck the Cowboys we not doing u any faves lol


    Jonathan King ight I’ll remember that

Willie Henderson

Eagles win 24-17 Go Birds


Upset Alert*

    Zabun Nahar

    This is no upset

johnny Lama


TK the 7th

This game comes down to DEFENSE. Both teams have a trash defense, but Eagles have a better front 4. I believe Carson can dink and dunk his way down the field all day and eat up the clock against NY and give the defense a breather. I think Eagles 24, Giants 14.


    TK the 7th couldn’t agree more. This game is gonna come down to who hits the other teams QB more.

Paddling The Pink Canoe

29-13 Eagles Win.


I hope the Eagles win. If they do however, I am sensing that it will be a close victory. A score of 25-18 maybe or even 27-20. This could go for either team, so I am excited for Sunday.

buddy ward

Eagles please focus on the task at hand and I pray that God will bless you in this game

Travis Stoudt

Come on Eagles let’s do this

robin baby

Giant’s, Let’s get it

Theo Keith Jones

Eagles over Giants

Hunter Davis

Eagles 27 giants 20

teris ladwin

Eagles lose 17 Giants 21
….but Cowboys also lose because the NFC East can’t do anything right
Cowboys 21 Redskins 27

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