VOTE NOW to make the ‘Immaculate Reception’ the GREATEST MOMENT in NFL History (Link in description) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

VOTE NOW to make the ‘Immaculate Reception’ the GREATEST MOMENT in NFL History (Link in description)


When Franco Harris caught the ball out of the air on Dec. 23, 1972, no one had any idea how the play would sculpt the history of the Steelers.

And now, as a part of the NFL’s celebration of its 100th season, Steelers Nation can help make the ‘Immaculate Reception’ the Greatest Moment in NFL History.

Beginning on Thursday, Jan. 2 through Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, fans can take part in a special online vote for the ‘Immaculate Reception’ among other ‘Great Moments’ in NFL history. The winning moment will be announced live during the Super Bowl LIV Pregame Show on FOX.

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First respond?

Nerd Cubers

Where do I vote

    Brad Berry

Happy Wheelz31


Dakota Fullerton

Where do we vote

    Dakota Fullerton

    @Brad Berry Ok 🤔

    Dakota Fullerton

    O thanks 😊

    Dakota Fullerton

    @Brad Berry I’m at school

Stephen Powell

Vote at
Franco is currently at no.1

Ralph Miller III

I would vote James Harrison’s 100yd pick 6 vs the Cardinals in the Super Bowl over the immaculate reception.

    Hiii Power

    I also liked Holmes TD catch too

Jared Cvetas

Why does it make you choose 7 others? I just want to select the 1.

    Blastingcows Gamer

    Its your top 16 votes

Todd McCreary

Why did you use Curt Gowdy instead of Jack Fleming? The classic “turn the TV sound down” tradition! Come on!

Tom Connaghan

I have been in Baltimore Colts Johnny Unitas Alan Ameche Raymond Berry fan and then a Baltimore ravens stay in my entire life I have watched a lot of football in my 60 some odd years and I would have to give the nod to the immaculate reception as the greatest play of all time it doesn’t matter how many times you see that play it’s still hard to believe it happened. Franco Harris owns the greatest play of all time.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Where’s intellectual one at

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