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Lt. Dan’s Legs

How bout apologizing to the fans for once. We deserve better and I have been loyal for several decades despite the continual dumpster fire…

    TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9


    john boreman

    Lt. Dan’s Legs haha I know man right. So many ups and downs as a fan going into last year.

Luke Kempke

Look at this fool. As soon as the media calls him out he gets all mad and shuts them down. This man has no sports knowledge yet he is so arrogant he thinks he knows more than people like Dorsey. What a joke.

7of Spades Choctaw

Mike McCarthy is the only smart choice if your serious about this organization.


    I agree but he turned down Cleveland once, but maybe he will change his mind. Also he has an appointment with the New York Giants.

James Walker

Haslam holds a presser but doesn’t want to explain anything, waste of time. He should take responsibility by promising to sell the team if the team doesn’t make the playoffs in the next two years.


The Haslams need to F off, stop micromanaging and let the professionals do their job.

    CJ Jordan

    J he did that this past 2 years and they failed


    Going from 0-16 to 6 & 7 win seasons is not a failure, it’s a pretty good start.

Nick Howard

Sell the team! We’re done with you Jimmy

Mark Sullivan


Ken P

Best coaches gone too soon…
1) Butchie Pooh (won a power struggle and wound up over his head)
2) Mangenius (Beat 3 Superbowl Champs Steelers, Saints & Patriots with no talent)
3) Chud (Again no talent but showed promise)


Freddie kitchens watching this

Tevin Prejean

This says Mike McCarthy all over it

    Eric Huber

    Really?  I think it screams McDaniels.  Did Dorsey and McCarthy not see eye to eye in GB?


Poor Baker two coaches in a year and a half. Yes that gets you hyped up and wanting to play ! Good grief!

    traviss wiley

    I feel for him his whole rookie contract is gonna be screwed with the lack of continuity and chance to show himself as being the answer. But he cant do it alone they need linemen and recievers that can catch and hold on to the ball.

Keith Ford

No questions about re-signing Kareem Hunt and him being apart of the core pieces he is a FA now.

Brian Novak

The final straw was theDorsey firing, now worst team owner i have seen since art moodel, they start losing I’ll be there holding signs for “jump, Jimmy, jump”


Sell the team. You guys are the biggest part of the problem!

Isaac W

Sell the team please.

Insane Asylum

Fire yourself you incompetent bag of bones!


Sell the team please

Charles Taylor

He’s not going to sell the team so quit fantasizing. I just hope the decisions are correct this time. Go Browns and the steelers suck.

Andy Haag

“Jerk Off” Jimmy and “Dummy” Dee need to sell the team. I’m actually missing Art Modell.

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