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He’s gonna be special for us ‼️✊🏾


First and go giants

Sean Panker

Give him a decent O line please

    Arn Martin

    Sean Panker it won’t be fair with him and Barkley it just won’t be fear his arm is special the NFL is not ready for that because god forbid the next nfl Dynesty in the ny giants 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ it won’t be fair

James Eaton

Please don’t ruin this kids future with poor management…

    Kenneth Di Leo

    Yeah like they did with Eli!

    Brian B

    Colin Stapleton and get them solid offensive lineman’s through the draft and free agency. Maybe nick gates is a hidden gem too

    Aidan Lange

    Colin Stapleton how?

    Brian B

    Aidan Lange how Jerry Reese kinda fucked Eli towards the end. Look at the draft picks and free agent signings from 2012-2017. Many key positions were ignored and that really messed the team up, basically having them losing since 2013


    For reals. Shurm’s playcalling was atrocious


Some really great throws in here. Only a few QB’s could make some of these.

James Dalton

The future is bright for the Giants and Daniel Jones has loads of potential. There is hope for the future head coach and a sense of hope for this team overall. A Giants era is ending now and a new one is beginning. Go Giants! 🏈

    Elan Buchman

    James Dalton huh

50,000 subs with no vids

Jones is going to be something special next year 🤟🏼

Big Daddy

He has very much upside. I love watching him play. The only thing is he needs to limit his turnovers. One thing that will help is better linemen.

    DC Yankee

    It was mostly blindsided hits too. We need a new LT cuz Solder is overpaid garbage

    Richard Pilhofer

    Yeah literally everyone else has said the same thing I’m sure he is working on it

Lil Robux

Daniel Jones first 5 games- 104/161, 64.5%, 1127 yds, 6 tds, 7 ints. 79.39 passer rating
Daniel Jones last 6 games- 177/274 64.5% 1883yds, 18 tds, 5 ints. 98.84 passer rating
*yards and completions are slightly off, but make little difference.

C Will

Jones Negatives :
▪️18 fumbles. Similar to Wentz & Allen
▪️23 Turnovers. Similar to Luck & Peyton
▪️OT’s allowed most pressures in NFL, Solder alone 7 more then anybody else
▪️Injures all season to Barkley Shepard & Engram, Even Tate 5 games missed.
▪️Having to Rely on 5th round Rookie WR, 6th round Rookie TE, and a aging WR for most of its passing yards

Jones positives :
▪️Only rookie QB in history with 3 games 4+ passing TD’s & 0 INT’s
▪️Only rookie in QB history 4 games with 4+ total TD’s
▪️Only rookie QB in history with 5+ TD’s 350+ yards & 0 INT’s
▪️Only rookie QB with 5 straight games with a 50+ QBR
▪️Only rookie QB with at least 1 TD in every start
▪️Only QB besides Rivers to throw 3+ TD’s in a game under pressure
▪️4 out of 12 starts with a RTG over 100
▪️5 300 Yd games in 12 starts
▪️26 Total TD’s in 12 starts
▪️3027 yards in 12 starts
▪️62% on the year averaging 40 throws a game

    Arn Martin

    C Will 💯💯💯💯 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 DJ is something special needs a play caller to open his game up because some of his throws are just a dream

Jack Marchese

We boo’d this man now we love him lol. He just needs to work on that ball security but otherwise he seems like he’s going to be a very solid QB.

    Arn Martin

    You right about the ball security but men
    The thing that’s scary about DJ is that he took a team that wasn’t built for him and played out of his skin, and the eye test tells you that most of the time his just winging it once the giant get him a guy his going to build a play book with him OMG 🤯

    Jack Marchese

    @Arn Martin He’s going to have to learn a new system next season possibly though. Hopefully the organization doesn’t waste this kids talent.

    Arn Martin

    Jack Marchese I don’t think it’s going to be like that, only a clown will force him to do things his no comfortable doing if the NY Giants get a guy a player caller/ Coach who’s going to come in with a plan in mind to make DJ better but also having the intelligence to ask DJ what he likes to do and after that they have to build a new play book together on things The new coach believes DJ can do, things DJ knows he can do and how to add Barkley into the picture so then once free agency opens and the draft comes they get what they need and trade away what they don’t need that’s how the offence should be built let’s hope that Dave and the Owners get in the right guys 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Sulaiman Shah

    @Jack Marchese dam thats so true. i didnt even think of that. I hope Gettleman does his job great once again and places a coach that will make it easy for him all the while letting him throw the ball.

Rad Dreamer

Was fun watching him this year, will get better.

Amazing Guy

Rookie of the Year

Herman Munster

Danny Dimes!

ThatOneGuy 123

This man has been walking up the steepest hill ever. DAMN NEAR A WALL and he still balled out. Everything was going against him from the get but he was never phased!

Ladell P

Between Tate and Slayton and Shepard, we damn sure don’t need a Beckham. And Jones will be fine.

Seymour Booty

Theme of Daniel Jones’ offseason: ball security

Stiltmans Stilt

That Game winner to Kaden Smith was pretty cool. Rookie Jones hits Rookie Smith, who is embraced 1st by rookie Slayton ..Futures bright for Gmen y’all.

Tiger Swag

He is interesting to watch, he rocks! 😆 I was into what he would do next…💪

Highlight House

That’s my QB💪💪🔥🔥

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